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Creative 2D or 3D animation for your explainer videos or Youtube projects provided in Philadelphia

Videos are an effective way to promote your product or service on different platforms. Youtube projects like 3D cartoons for kids are very profitable nowadays. Direct Line Development, which is located in Philadelphia, can help you to realize all of your requirements.

Animation Services In Philadelphia

All of our animators work full-time in house. We also have script writers, film editors and project managers. All of these people work to provide the best service on a daily basis. We will do exactly what you want in time that you need.  You choose the level of detalization.  You can offer your own script or we can write it for you. We are ready to work with your models, make models ourselves or download them from free directories. Everything is for you!

We will adjust every stage of animation production from scriptwriting to the final video for you to be sure that you will get the best result. Our main goal is to be sure that you will get what you want with the best service and attentive attitude. You can get all of this for an incredible price that includes turnkey work.


How Do I Get Started?
Upon placing your order using the above 'Create 2D or 3D animation' button, fill the form and our managers will connect to you as soon as possible.

What If I Have My Own Script?
We will do animation according to your script. First we need to analyze it for complexity, and give our comment. The complexity of the script may influence on price and time of creation.

What If I Need A Special Melody For Background Music?
If this melody is free of charge we will use it, but if this melody is paid, you should buy it yourself or we can select other variant for you.

How Does It Work?
Our managers will connect with you and give you a short questionnaire. After you have filled it we will do 2D or 3D animation according using this information.

What If I Don’t know How Models Should Look Like?
We will select some references specially for your project. You will choose what you like and we will create them for you. So you will get a unique model according to your taste.

What If I Don't Like The Video?
Every stage of creating is approved with the client. If you want to correct something, we will do it until you like it. Having approved a certain stage, we do not return to it again, if then you still want to return to a certain stage and make changes, this is an additional cost.