The 30 Best Ways You Can Increase the Number of Calls From Your Company's Website Right Now: Part 2

The 30 Best Ways You Can Increase the Number of Calls From Your Company's Website Right Now: Part 2

Welcome back to the continuation of our series on how to increase customer conversion from your website. If you haven’t read the first article, we strongly recommend you do so before continuing on. We would also like to mention that we have incorporated all of these techniques to our own clients’ websites, so we speak to you from first-hand experience. Feel free to check out our portfolio for details.

11. Correct Website Headlines

The best websites maximize every opportunity to attract and convert shoppers into buyers. The headlines on your website are an excellent opportunity to deliberately captivate the attention of your customers and motivate them to take action. Let’s take a look at how your company can create a professional and effective title.

A good title or headline incorporates the following:

  • The title is interlinked and consistent with the text on the banner or ad from which users accessed your site
  • The title briefly and clearly presents and explains the benefits to your customers
  • The title is concise without adding unnecessary “fluff”
  • When compared with the headlines of your competitors, you can clearly see the advantages of your company

You know exactly what to expect inside the restaurant, when you see this heading on the main page of Italian restaurant, who specializes in a variety of beer!The heading on the website of a personal trainer. Customer clearly understands what the page is about and it sets expectations, when directed to the site.The question is the focus of this manufacturer of sanitizing products. You get to this page by clicking the “science” button on the site’s menu.

If your headlines or titles are bland and/ or uninformative, then you must immediately make the necessary changes to bring the best results. We would also like to mention the negative effects of poor headline use. If you fail to demonstrate to potential customers what the contents of a page entail through headlines, you risk confusing them or evoking their lazy natures. When this happens, your customers will likely leave the page or as it is known in the web development community, they will “bounce” from your website.

Bouncing is extremely costly to your website and to your business because Google is able to recognize when it happens and act accordingly. Too many people bouncing from a website signals to Google that the site is flawed in some capacity. When it comes to this realization, it penalizes the site with a lower ranking in it search result listings. To avoid high bounce rates, be sure to implement effective headlines. The other tips and tricks in the article and other will help you hedge against user bouncing and stabilize - or even increase - your rank in Google.

12. Create a Unique Landing Page For Each Service You Offer

One of the most common themes to keep in mind when exploring the world of website design is the overwhelming (yet unsurprising) fact that people are lazy, as we just mentioned. They want to know exactly what they what to know, exactly when they want to know it. If they have to work harder for information than they would like, they will go somewhere else that requires them to work less. Therefore, if your website offers an abundance of useful information but in a disorganized fashion, you will lose potential customers. It is because of this point that we advise that you give each service and product you offer its own page on the website. With more room and less clutter to work with, the chances of your users finding exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily increases ten-fold.

The structure of Direct Line Development website. The landing pages created for the main keywords are highlighted in green.

This may sound like a lot of work and even counter-intuitive because of the increased amount of pages your website will have. It is true that if done improperly, this could have adverse effects for your SEO and UX on the site. However, if you structure each landing page so that they logically flow from broad to specific, you will see excellent results. Landing pages give the website and organized structure and make it easier for your customers to find what they are specifically looking for. We have all been the victim of a website with all of the company’s information listed on one page. Chances are, we saw the wall of text, read the first two sentences (if that) and immediately returned to Google to find the information we were searching for elsewhere. It’s not that we didn’t believe that the website had the information we were looking for, it’s simply that we did not want to expend the time and effort to find it.

13. Be Sure to Use Videos

Videos are increasingly popular not only for the reasons presented above, but also because of the rapid advancements in technology that increase their quality and capabilities. Most of us have already forgotten the days where the internet was too slow to watch videos online. Now we take it for granted. Take advantage of the universal willingness to watch your videos and appeal to your customers at a more personal level. Again thanks to technological advancements, you don’t even need to hire a professional to get the quality you prefer. Most cellphones from the latest generations of devices have video capabilities that are more than sufficient for you to make a video for your website. Just remember to approach the video-making process with a plan.

The visualization on the landing page for a restaurant website management service. You can see the short video with key advantages on the first screen in just 40 seconds.

Using videos also has a positive effective for search engine optimization. Good search engine result rankings take into account a variety of factors, one of which being the average length of time users spend on a particular website. We discussed the perils of bouncing just moments ago, and videos are a great way to prevent high bounce rates, seeing how they keep users on the website for at least the duration of the video (assuming the video is an optimal length and well-constructed). Further, good web developers are actually able to optimize each video specifically for heightened SEO results and customer conversion rates. If done correctly, videos can serve as an excellent addition to your website.

14. Act Like a Developer: Test Everything

Let’s say you finally got that new payment portal integrated or you just updated the photos on your site. Now you’re finished right? Wrong. Go to your website from someone else’s phone or computer and test it. More often than not, you will find an error that you were previously unaware of and will be able to fix it before the wrong set of eyes notice. It’s even better if you have other people test the site. If you just stand by and watch as they go through simple processes such as registering, making a purchase, etc., you can easily see where changes should be made. Testing is like proofreading. The most competitive students would never spend hours upon hours of research and careful writing only to submit an unedited draft, so treat your website the same way. The last thing you want is to have a miniscule error steer a potential customer away who would have otherwise sought to do business with your company.

15. Add Your Partners’ and Customers’ Logos to your Homepage

We trust those who are trusted by large companies. If your clients are companies whose brand recognition is far beyond that of your own, it is an incredibly good idea to list them on your site in some capacity so that potential customers see them. The reputability of these companies is then passed on to your own. We would advise, however, that you get permission from these companies prior to posting their links on your website. It usually is no problem, considering it is additional publicity, but it is better to protect yourself on all fronts than take avoidable risks.

16. Change the Color of your “Call to Action” button for each new page

Sure the first time you see it, the bright green button may stand out, but after consistent browsing throughout the site, it will begin to blend into the general design and lose its purpose. By constantly keeping visitors from becoming familiar with the Call to Action button, you will ensure that it is functioning at its highest probability for success.

This is the website of the company who creates business signs and other products for the offices.You can see how the conversion grows by just a slight change in the code.

17. Remove or Hide Promo Code Fields

Every time we see these fields, we embark on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s always the same story: we see the opportunity for a discount, rush to Google in hopes of finding a valid code, try several of them, and get nothing but lost time because each code was outdated. Unless you are consistently offering workable promo codes, all you are doing with a promo field is creating a sense of deception in your clients. It’s best to say “goodbye” to the promos.

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18. Do Not Write in Large Font

The larger the font, the higher the perceived price. Keep it simple. Let the customer come to you.

19. Do not force the user to register before making a purchase or ordering a service

As a business owner, what is most important to you, the more people you have registered to your site or the more sales you make? The answer is obvious. It is a very common, yet detrimental mistake to have potential buyers fill out field after field before making their purchase. More often than not, this will drive users away. The last nail in the coffin is the confirmation email. Your number one priority is to make the sale first. Once your customers have already purchased from you, it will be much easier to harass them with membership opportunities as you please. Always make the sale first.

20. Be Brief

All of us, whether we are business owners in Los Angeles or website design companies in Philadelphia, love to talk about what we can offer. This excitement is great and should transcend every action you take in business, but it can lead to an unnecessary amount of information on your website. If your site is clogged with text, your visitors won’t find what they are looking for fast enough. If your product has 25 amazing characteristics, choose the top five and write information on these. If you write up the content for your site and it comes out to around 1000 words, you might as well throw it away, because no potential customer is going to take the time to read it. It’s best to keep that as a first draft and rewrite a new version that comes to about 200-300 words.

Bringing it Home

All of the above-mentioned methodologies are techniques that we employ on a day-to-day basis. The beauty of web design is that you can constantly find newer and better ways of doing things. It’s one of our favorite parts about the job. We can constantly improve the quality of our customers’ websites and thus, their businesses. If you are curious as to how your site stacks up against the rest, give us a call and we will run an audit of your website absolutely free!

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