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8 Custom Websites which draw attention to social problems

8 Custom Websites which draw attention to social problems

Custom Websites with a unique Design

A well-designed custom website, constructed with high-quality web design, successfully solves requisite problems together with correct marketing and promotion. We have chosen eight custom websites, which draw attention to social problems. These sites have become very popular in different periods of time, some of them collect money for help, some of them make us devote our thoughts as a whole to what is happening in our world. 

1. i-remember.fr 

It is dedicated to people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. The site consists of "memories of people" that are fading away. For the site will continue to exist, you need to add new "memories" in the form of pictures and links to your profile on social networks. 

Exemple of custom websites design, img 1

2. species-in-pieces.com 

30 endangered animal species are presented in the form of a virtual exposition. They are metaphorically depicted in the shape of shatters, and each has detailed information and statistics. There is pleasant animation on the site. 

Exemple of custom websites design, img 2

3. supportkyoto.org 

A convincing social campaign that draws attention to the problems of climate change, what was and what will be. It is implemented in the form of storytelling when scrolling website. 

Exemple of custom websites design, img 3

4. roykesluttgevinster.helsenorge.no 

This custom website attracts attention to the problem of smoking. It talks about how your body will react if you stop smoking during the period from 1 to 10 days. It is one of the scrolling sites with animation and infographics. 

Exemple of custom websites design, img 4

5. run4tiger.com 

The site to protect Amur tigers offers to take part in a running competition. The site has ratings of runners, integration with critical devices - trackers. Pleasant custom website design and excellent writing. 

Exemple of custom websites design, img 5

6. hartisland.net 

Hart Island - the largest cemetery of 63.483 graves in the world. The site keeps the stories of people buried there in beds of honor. The site uses background video and parallax effects when scrolling. 

Exemple of custom websites design, img 6

7. echoesoftsunami.com 

Custom website about the tsunami in Southeast Asia. The site uses a large number of videos, offers to use headphones to dive into the atmosphere. The site also seeks access to your camera and offers to close your eyes to "remember.” I recommend you to visit it; as it is an interesting experience. 

Exemple of custom websites design, img 7

8. gjenfodt.no 

Norwegian site: "How could your life look like, if you were born in Brazil, Malawi or any other country? Do you dare to be born again?" Illustrations and scrolling play a key role on the site.

Exemple of custom websites design, img 8

Custom Website by Direct Line Development

We have enough experience to create a custom website that will be remembered like these. We are ready for all new ideas and are constantly in search of out-of-the-box solutions. Contact us and we will do our best to promote your service, product, or whatever else you may drum up!


10th April 2018

If you want to be unique and you want people to remember your brand having a custom website is truly how you differentiate yourself from anyone else out there. There's nothing better than opening a page and being surprised by the design of a site. A custom website engages visitors at a whole new level. If you have a dream, we can make it a reality!!! And that's why we do what we do...

22nd May 2018

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