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In this section, we will share insights of the working process, ideas, advice, studies on the development and promotion of sites as well as everything connected with them. In a blog post, we'll talk to the reader as with an old friend, without hiding anything. Here we express our sometimes special opinions. Sharing our knowledge with the world is what sets us apart. Don’t be shy to join the conversation.

Bambo-Jambo is an educational animated series for children

Do you like animation? We are able to design everything! Our latest project was an educational cartoon for children. The animated lessons about construction and fire-fighting equipment given by funny Bambo-Jambo that will entertain your little ones.
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Pals’ Quest for Web Design Inspiration

Pals – a successful landscape management company – they brought their business to the next level by building a dazzling new website. This is how we helped them do it.
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Why Do You Need SEO Services For Your Business?

No company wants to work counting only their losses, and you need to understand that company’s representation on the Internet is just half of the battle. Think of a website like a shop window: if the window is dirty and customers can't see what you're selling, they won't walk into the store. Being found in search engines is like having the cleanest windows on the entire street of shops.
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SVG — Saving From Pixels and More

At Direct Line Development, we like to use SVG, and try to apply all the tools and courses to optimize development. In further articles, we will discuss how we apply it in the creation of our products, and the work process of our design team and front end development in general. Stay tuned!
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The fresh works

Our specialists came up with three wonderful versions of how the pamphlet could look.
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Web design articles on our blog

Direct Line Development is a web design studio with extensive background in web design and development industry. We create our web design articles to share our knowledge and experience with those who are eager to learn about web design trends, want to derive inspiration or find useful tips and instructions. All the articles on our blog are research and experience-based as we know that quality matters whether it be a web design article or a big design project.

SEO articles on our blog

Our blog is devoted to the industry we work in and to approaches and methods that can be utilized in it in order to achieve sufficient results in search engine optimization and web design. The SEO articles we write cover wide range of topics and give clear answers to all the popular questions starting with “What is SEO?” and ending with “What is black-hat SEO?”. Our SEO blog can become the best website promotion guide for newbies or a go-to source of information for those who are familiar with website promotion and looking for SEO articles to continue their journey to effective website promotion.

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