Apply for a Scholarship from Industry-leading Web Development Company in Denver!

Apply for a Scholarship from Industry-leading Web Development Company in Denver!

This summer, Direct Line Development company is offering a scholarship to students interested in learning more about web design and development and digital marketing. This scholarship is a way to encourage students to learn more about the growing web design and development community in Colorado and how it can help businesses achieve their goals. All finalists will have an opportunity to be interviewed for our Marketing Copywriter Internship this fall!

How to Apply:

  1. Submit an informative, original and well-researched 1000+ word essay answering the question “What is the difference between a custom and template-based website and which one is better for business?”
  2. Compare any Wordpress website with a custom-built website. A custom website must be picked from our portfolio, which can be found on our website. You can include screenshots in your essay and other images that support your essay. Although picking a specific industry for both websites is encouraged, any websites can be selected.
  3. Send the responses to this Please submit anytime before August 15th 5:00 MST.

The question is broad for a reason - we want to open it to ANY STUDENT interested in learning more about the growing tech fields and make it accessible to students majoring in different subjects. All students are welcome to submit! The winner will be chosen by our team on September 1st, 2018. An invitation for an interview will be sent directly to the email that student provides within 14 days of the decision of finalists.

Prize amount: $1000 towards student’s school expenses.

Eligibility: Part or Full-time student

Apply by emailing your submission to You are encouraged to use existing blog information related to the topic on our website, no plagiarized work will be accepted.   


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