Birthday of the company Direct Line Development

Birthday of the company Direct Line Development

Direct Line Development is celebrating our company’s birthday. During this holiday we want to thank all our employees for their commitment to the company and hard work. After all, the overall success is made up of the efforts of each person. And special thanks to our customers for their trust and partnership with us! In the past year alone, we have developed more than 30 projects and achieved excellent results.

In honor of our Birthday, the Direct Line Development company gives all its customers a wonderful gift - a handmade three-dimensional map of Philadelphia! The map was cut on a laser machine and each street of the city centre was drawn manually. After that, it was put into a wooden black frame. This map will serve as a stylish decoration for any office.

Direct Line Development is constantly evolving, and the company's specialists are always adapting our strategies with the latest trends. We have state of the art and a team of professional developers and designers ready to work at anytime, or anywhere. So come and check us out!

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