Business before Hours with Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

Business before Hours with Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

July 23rd was full of new experiences. Becoming a member of The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce gave us a chance to network at one of their events, Business Before Hours, held at the Hard Rock Cafe. The event consisted of food and drinks, but most importantly, plenty of new potential business contacts and partners.

Chamber of Commerce party in Philadelphia

The event began at 8:30 am sharp and continued for one hour. The atmosphere was lively and absorbing, and the conversation friendly and productive. Seeing all the representatives of their respective businesses work with passion was inspiring and made the event a huge success, especially for us. We were able to form genuine relationships and some have already entered the nascent stages of business partnerships. Because of this event, Direct Line has further established its reputation as a leading website design and software development company in the Philadelphia area.

Event of Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia


This is a great way create productive relationships with other businesses face to face! Plus free breakfast is always a plus...


mm.. free breakfast!i need it)

Amazing networking happens withing chambers of commerce! Not only is a great way to meet new people but it's also a great way to be top-of-mind when the members need whatever services your business offers.

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