13 Reasons To Change Your Company Logo

13 Reasons To Change Your Company Logo

After the brand name, company logo and visual style are the most important aspects of any business identity. Nowadays, more and more information is being communicated to us graphically, which elevates the significance of designing a good company logo. Just think about Apple, Nike, and Adidas - creative logo design means just as much for these companies and their customers as the brand names themselves, if not more. Nike’s simple but modern logo design allows the world to speak one language. These days, you don’t even need to know how to read to understand what kind of brand product is in front of you. The logo says it all.

Think about what you want to communicate to your clients. Now look at your company logo design and ask yourself honestly: Does my logo represent the essence of my company? Whatever your answer may be, we encourage you to check out our article. We at Direct Line will be happy to tell you everything you need to know before undertaking a redesign project.

1. First Impressions Matter 

Imagine someone who sees your company logo for the first time and doesn’t know a thing about your business. Just by looking at it, a person is trying to determine what kind of company you are, what you sell and whether you can be trusted or not. The only criteria of evaluation at their disposal is your business logo design. First impressions last, and unless your company logo is something worth talking about, you can lose a potential client. Think about it: what happens in your mind when you first meet someone? That’s right, you try to get a sense of who they are as a person and this is why making a great first impression matters.

2. Demonstrate Your Commitment

Contrary to popular belief, visual perception is a very delicate tool that intuitively understands the difference between beauty and ugliness. Even if a potential client knows nothing about design, his or her instincts will tell them which custom logo design is terrible. Now, your company's reputation is unlikely to be completely destroyed by a poorly-designed logotype, but it won’t do you any good.

Good company logo and corporate identity are just as important for business development as a well-run sales office or high-tech equipment. You need to invest in all of your business development tools. Of course, the influence of design on business performance varies depending on the industry you’re working with. In fashion, design is of utter importance, in the oil industry, not so much. Still, for any business owner, it is dangerous to underestimate the power of smart development of a logo. And the more quality logo design conveys, the stronger is its influence.

Most businesses relegate logo development to the background, which makes any company with a strong corporate identity stand out. That is the kind of company that people can trust.

3. Keeping Up with the Time

Times change, and so do people’s tastes and preferences. Creative logo design ideas
can help you keep up with the times. Even if you are a hundred-year-old company that takes pride in its wealth of experience, it might not be the best idea to use the exact same logo that was designed a century ago. Take a look at Coca-Cola and Heinz. The outline of their logo has remained the same over the years, yet they constantly update it to look more relevant. 

As we’ve stated before, design is an important development tool. Make it a priority when it’s time to buy brand-new equipment, develop new technologies or introduce a new recipe, to consult a logo design company first. Discuss an opportunity for a logo change with expert professionals. Rebranding would let your customers know that they might have missed something new.

4. Standing Out

Every type of business uses visual cliches. Take a look at custom logo designs of similar businesses and you’ll be surprised how much in common they all have. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd when the competition is so high. Even if you are the leading company in the industry, your products and services will go unrecognized unless you invest some time and money into brand logo development. Remember that graphic design is a key tool in communicating with potential clients.

Imagine you are going to a dinner party and all men turn up dressed in black tie tuxedos.  Put on a red shirt and you’ll steal the show. You don’t need to go out of your way to impress everyone. Just a few daring details will arouse interest and keep it at peak level.

5. Clients Must Remember You

We all strive to be memorable. Every company’s goal is to make sure that when a potential client needs their services, he or she will pick up the phone and dial up the right number or find the right website on the Internet. 

If you want to be remembered, it is best to use simple means of communication. Simplicity is easy to memorize and to reproduce. But make sure that your simple company logo stands out from the crowd.

6. Brand Recognition

Why do global brands value their style so much? Because companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald's or Heinz need you to be able to find their products even in a foreign country. 

On the road or reading a magazine, your client only has a split second to recognize your brand and company logo and read your message. And if they fail to do so, they may never know what you wanted to say. According to research, 80% of people interested in a company’s ads are its customers. Speak loudly and everyone will hear you. 

Just the sight of an iconic blue box in her boyfriend's hand makes any woman’s heart beat faster because she knows exactly what is going to happen next. No need to explain the magic of Tiffany, and no need to break down the importance of creating a company logo.

7. Impress Potential Clients

Your logo should not only reflect your type of business, but also your worth. Cheap and premium brands should look different. Potential clientele should know that you are willing to go to any length to impress them.  By developing a well-functioning website through a competent web development company and putting your creative logo design on it, you demonstrate that you care about your clients and your reputation.

Look at the logos of premium brands. Their logos look just as luxurious and expensive as their products. Smart logo development plan simplifies communication, which in turn makes it easier for the potential clients to find you.

8. Quality Assurance

How can you guarantee quality with a low-grade flimsy logo? If you really want to convince clients that you are the best at your job, then do yourself a favor and find a top-of-the-line logo design company. You can’t expect reasonable reactions from customers unless you yourself use professional services for all your business needs.

Guarantee good quality and strive for quality in everything!

9. Be Different From Your Rivals

Are you afraid that your company is nothing special? Do you offer the same products and services as every other business in your industry? It is true that there are certain types of business that leave little room for innovations. These are mostly service sector jobs like plumbing, electrical work, goods packaging, etc.

Don’t worry, we’ve got good news for you - you can make a statement with a competent company logo design. If all companies on the market offer the same thing, people buy design, or rather the emotions it brings out. If you are a regular plumbing company and your logo elicits a lukewarm response at best, make no mistake: your potential client will choose a rival company with a better visual identity and a professional logo design.

With all else being equal, people buy design.

Are you proud of your company? Every pride must have a symbol. Most often such symbol is a logo. Look at your logo and ask yourself: does my business logo reflect how proud I am of my company? Even if the answer is yes, it would still be better to seek professional logo design services for advice on what could be improved in your current logotype. You are guaranteed to take pride in not only your business but also its main symbol.

11. Think About Tomorrow

Is your business expanding? Are you starting to think about the future? Imagine how your company logo will look like in five or even ten years. Will it still look trendy and modern? Is it amenable to change or will a complete rebranding be in order? 
Take a look at the Olympic logos. The logotypes for the Olympic games are developed 6-8 years prior to the actual event. It is important for designers to be able to predict style trends, even if it’s for a custom logo design.

12. Legal Aspect

Protect your business from rip-offs and copycats. Get your logo design patented, but make sure that your design is unique in every regard and that’s how you’ll know your company logo is one-of-a-kind.

13. PR Reasons

New logo development is not only progress for your company, it is also a good newsmaker. Remind the customers about your business, tell them all about your recent developments, showcase your achievements with brand-new pictures. In the end, even if your company is not undergoing a dramatic change, re-designing the logo will give people something to talk about. 


So you’ve just created your personal logo design and it looks fine and meets all your standards. Remind yourself to take a look at the world around you and then at your company logo again in five years, or at a time of a serious business change.

However, if you already harbor some doubts about your professional logo design or you just feel like changing things up, then it’s our time to shine. 

Come to us for logo design inspiration! Send us your current logo, a link to your website or a brief description of your company and its core values. We can offer various creative logo design ideas, or perhaps we’ll simply reassure you that your logotype is great as it is, and the time to redesign a logo has not come yet. 


What a great, comprehensive logo design history. Branding makes a huge difference in perception of quality and professionalism

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