Logo Design | How To create a Good Logo?

Logo Design | How To create a Good Logo?

The logo is the first thing that draws the buyer's attention after becoming acquainted with your proposal. A logo can tell a lot about the organization and its goods, and also about the financial and social position of the company and its owners, so great attention is given to the logo and corporate identity today. The most successful companies regularly conduct research and figure out of the best and worst elements of their logo, conduct rebranding, and this is done not by chance.Material by Logo DesignLogo & Branding DesignLogo & Branding Design

"First impressions last forever" - this phrase was adopted by almost all modern studios involved in development of logos and corporate identities. However, the designs made by different agencies, may differ significantly from each other both in quality and content. Therefore, the creation of a logo today requires an approach with a special painstaking procedure.

Create a Logo | It Should Be Simple

Today, it is often possible to see multi-color and busy logos. A modern logo should be simple, done in 1-3 colors, and neat. In order to create a necessary impression on your targeted audience it is not necessary to overload the most important image of your business. Simple logos are easy to remember and are "long-playing" - relevant after a considerable period of time (for example, logo of the company Nike). Try to be neat, clear and understandable to your client.

Logo Design of the most famous companies

Avoid Cliches While Making a Logo

An image of a light bulb for "ideas" , clouds with  text for "debate / discussion,"  globe for "international" etc. - The first thing that comes to your mind when you start to "brainstorm". And that is why such ideas should be excluded first. How can your design be unique if so many logos exploit similar ideas? Leave these visual clichés and offer original ideas and design.

For the same reason you should not steal, copy or "borrow" someone else's design. Although it happens quite often. A designer sees an idea he likes, copies it, changing colors and text, calls this idea his own one. It's not just that it is unethical, illegal and simply stupid - sooner or later, you’ll be caught on stealing ideas. Also, do not use stock images and clip arts. The aim of the logo is that it has to be original and unique.

Interesting Logo Design

Logo Design and Right Fonts

When it comes to logos that contain text, a font choosing can create or break a design. A font selection often takes the same time as the development of the logo icon. Both (logo icon and font) should work on the same target.

Examples of good logos: Federal Express, IBM, Coca-Cola, CNN, Disney, NASA. It’s also important to remember that logo is not a brand itself and not its Identity. Logo design, identity design and branding have different objectives, and together they form an image of the company or product taken from outside. To create a general picture through the images of the logo, identity and corporate identity at the customer is a task for professionals such as company DirectLine Development. We can help you to create a logo and corporate identity of your dreams. Great experience all around the world guarantees a professional approach and excellent work.

Simple and famous logotypies

Creating a logo is not an easy process. It requires eagerness and a tight work of the customer and performer. Such a creative search can become a brilliant result only by proper and hard work. Developed details, simplicity, correct positioning and uniqueness is a way to a successful logo that  you can achieve with us.


Designing a great logo takes a great design team to get it right. These folks definitely put everything they have into creating a Logo!

A logotype is probably one of the most important constituents of the brand identity if not the most important. That is why it is crucial to know how to create a good logo and this article explains it very well.

Great article describing how to create a great Logo. It is essential for your brand to have the right logo. Our team has created some amazing ones!!!

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