Animated video creation for Monzo Media Productions

Animated video creation for Monzo Media Productions

Animated video is a great way to promote business. This solution helps to create a bright image of the company in a memorable way. Joe Monzo, the owner of Monzo Media Productions, asked Direct Line Development to create an animated advertising video about the services his company offers.The Goal of Monzo Media Productions is to create compelling films for business or organizations to help to increase sales and marketing efforts. The firm loves creating handcrafted business films that not only look amazing but also helps the business grow!

You can read the text below to see how we developed an animated video . Also, you might want to check the case of Monzo Media Productions to see more details about the development process.

Custom animation creating to Joe Monzo

The task was to talk about the company and its services in a simple and comprehensible language (1:30 minutes of animation and 4-7 seconds of animated logo), as well as to explain the major advantages, functionality and the stages of working with clients. The video contained promotion of video shooting where the whole process would be described step-by-step: meeting with the client, organization, planning, staging, shooting, promotion and so on.

The process of creating the video

We had a meeting with the client, discussed all the details of the video and analysed the script. After that, our team got down to work. During a brainstorming session we created a sketch, through which we would be able to tie all the main points of the company's services together.

Sketch for main servicesMonzo Production main services design

We made concepts and sent them to our client for approval. While working at the project we adhered to the corporate style of Monzo Media Productions. As the result we had a motion video clip with characters. We used infographics with a duration of 2:30 minutes, where the company's work was shown in stages. Infographics combined with the character animation in a single video series made it perfect. We always adhere to the rule The simpler - the better.The client was very pleased with our work!

Final animated picture for main services

How to order a stunning video

If you request that Direct Line Development create a video for you, you can be 100% confident that the end result will be perfect! Our team of professionals will write a script and create an animated video. Our work differs the original creative approach and the maximal reflection of a sort of activity of the set subjects. You will get the result the viewers will be pleased.

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Haley Cichonski

I think incorporating animation and video into websites is a great way to stand out among competitors. Promoting your business can only increase the popularity of your company, which every business owner wants. Great to know that Direct Line is capable of making businesses shine.

Steve Greenspan

It's so cool to see a cartoon go from hand drawings to storyboard to a real video! With the light colors and positive attitude of the video, I would stay on someone's website to watch this.

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