Creating a web site for pizza delivery in Philadelphia

Creating a web site for pizza delivery in Philadelphia

Last time we told you about the website that we developed for sale of the book "In the black". Now we are going to tell you about the site that we designed for the wonderful pizzeria that is Mel's Pizza Eatery.

Mel's Pizza Eatery offers a unique menu and excellent food! The owners are real genuine people who believe in quality and service above all else. Their goal is to provide their customers with unsurpassed service, fresh quality ingredients, and incredible homemade menu items. Not to mention the best pizza in town! The owners of the pizzeria asked Direct Line Development to create a responsive, simple and user-friendly website. They also wished to adapt their logo for the website.

You can read the text below to see how we developed a website for a pizzeria. Also, you might want to check the case of Mel’s Pizza Eatery to see more details about the development process.

How we developed a website for Mel's Pizzeria

After having communicated with the client and getting an understanding of his preferences, we started developing a website for Mel's Pizza Eatery. The project was transferred to the development of the home page prototype. After having approved the home page, we began creating the prototypes of the internal content pages. We created 9 internal content pages and sent them to the client. After some revisions the prototype was relayed to our professional design team. Before our designers started working, they thought through every detail starting from color scheme to site responsiveness. In addition to the layouts, the designers also had to choose images for the menu, consisting of 16 categories.

Our process of creating a simple, yet, attractive web design for Mel's Pizzeria

Let's take a closer look at the process of creating the layouts for the Mel's Pizza Eatery website. Before starting the work, our experts got acquainted with the restaurant. When creating the layout, we got the corporate colors of the pizzeria. We decided not to overload the site and made it simple and as comfortable as possible. Notice the rounded (smoothed) edges of the blocks. Also, we made sure that we paid special attention to the items on the menu. There were 16 categories in the menu and each of them had to have its own image. We chose images for each category, cut out the desired position and adjusted them to the desired format and size. We then selected where each of the categories would sit on the website. As a result, we had a conveniently arranged menu, and well-divided categories. Moreover, our designers thought through how the site would look on different devices i.e. (telephones, tablets, laptops and so on).

The features of the site's front-end development

After the client had approved the layout, our specialists began the frontend development.

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Now let’s look at the specifics of the site:

  • We animated the menu item when you mouse over it 
  • The menu is conveniently divided into categories, each of which is represented by an image on the topic.
  • The name of each category is highlighted
  • The contact details of the restaurant are presented in the header of the site, so you do not have to do a lot in order to find a phone number or the pizzeria’s address
  • When you click on the phone number located in the header of the website, it will automatically dialed.

Frontend development went very smooth without any hiccups. All the things that had been originally envisioned were been achieved. We installed our own CMS to let the client change the information on the site on his own. Eventually, we got an easy-to-use website, well-divided into categories with responsive web design and a well thought-out user interface.The pizzeria site contains all information about the restaurant: description, photos, interior, prices, current discounts and promotions. Also, Direct Line Development presented a small gift to the customer - a logo adapted for the website.

Сайт Mel's Pizza Eatery это отличный результат сложной и интересной работы.

Four Advantages of Mel's Pizzeria's website

Let’s have a look at the advantages of the Mel's Pizza Eatery website:

  • Conveniently arranged menu, well-divided into categories.
  • Responsive web design
  • Well thought-out and user-friendly interface
  • Simple, not overloaded and memorable website

We are always open to new ideas and are constantly looking for out-of-the-box solutions. Contact us now and we will do our best to develop a unique website design for your business!

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