Custom CRM system that will skyrocket the productivity of your company

Custom CRM system that will skyrocket the productivity of your company

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the best modern way to streamline working processes in your company. The implementation of a CRM system can benefit businesses by improving communication within and between departments, managing resources, and increasing revenue.

Direct Line Development offers custom CRM & ERP software - a must-have solution for your small business.

Challenges you may encounter without a CRM system for small businesses

Most businesses, that don’t consider a CRM system as an essential business tool, miss the full picture of the workflow, which results in strategic planning failure and less number of closed sales.

  • If your company has several project managers and a wide range of products or services, it is nearly impossible to monitor all aspects of your business; you focus only on your sales index, overlooking the overall number of follow-up attempts and failed sales.
  • Another problem occurs when project managers reach out to prospects, but this information is not registered anywhere or is not visible to other colleagues and departments; this complicates and slows down the business processes exponentially.
  • Your team uses their email to communicate with customers and waste their precious time on data entry into separate programs.
  • You need to make quick decisions having remote access to the data but Google Spreadsheets don’t meet your requirements anymore.

Four things harmful to your management

A custom CRM system is a real game-changer because it stores this vital information in one place. Our solution helps to automate business processes, attract and retain customers, and give relevant employees quick access to a customer’s history with the company. Additionally, you can ask us to develop a custom website for you to make your business even more efficient!

Getting Impressive Results with Our CRM System

Once we implemented our CRM system, a department of five-employee efficiency immediately tripled. By optimizing the working process, this system allows employees to execute the same assignments in less time. If one employee earns $75,000 a year, by implementing this CRM system, a company will save $750,000 because there is no need to hire new staff.

The main task of this system is work activity management, monitoring of added data for specific filters, and automatic work report.

How a CRM system works

CRM is a flexible system that can be seamlessly integrated into any business. The purposes may vary; To illustrate how it works, we took a CRM that can be used to add and store information about your clients in one place, assign tasks, monitor work progress, and status of each client individually. The goal is to broaden your client base, improve visibility, and increase productivity. All the data on the pictures is taken as an example. Keep in mind that Direct Line Development provide design services to create original layouts for your unique CRM system.

This CRM has several types of users with their access rights:

Types of user access rights in CRM

  • Managers have full access to the system including performance statistics of support staff.
  • Senior officers can edit everything, but changes must be approved by a manager. Senior officers can monitor analytics of all assigned junior staffers
  • Middle officers have access to specific sections of the system where they can edit and see statistics of their actions and clients.

Clients main page in CRM

Clients section is the main source of information for the manager’s analytics. Here, you can monitor all statistics to see the client’s status and what is being done by each individual. This helps the team develop more effective strategies and perform more efficiently. 

A work plan page in CRMA client card example in CRM

You can click on information about each client to see the dynamics of work with them. There is also a section which includes a work plan for middle and senior officers. All these features are editable: you can improve plans and information about clients.

Task main page in CRMInformation page about the task in CRMTask notification in CRM

Task section is a set of actions that assignee must complete with a client. Each action has several indices that help to understand the priority of actions. There is also an individual page for each action and it can be edited if needed.  

Page of actions in CRM

Every action has elements such as Tag and Geolocation. These elements are vital for this company and can be modified for any business, Tag and Geolocation are also placed in additional sections where you can add and edit them.

Pagination and overall statistics

A section with a huge list of actions done for all clients is used as a news feed for easy everyday monitoring. You can sort by specific criteria, choose a client, action, or date. The information beneath is overall statistics with pagination.

Actions section menu in CRM

Add Action and Add Task are the main sections for middle and senior officers. We made them as two buttons on the menu because officers use them more often. This CRM system is designed to monitor adding this specific information.

CRM’s Moderation section

All the information about moderation goes to Errors and Moderation section. The manager can accept or decline it from one click.  

CRM is an investment in the improvement of business vision, strategies, and collaboration. Direct Line Development offers a custom CRM system that includes useful features such as monitoring of added data, working process automatization, and reporting. It is the most effective business tool because it is customized to your company’s specific needs and has a user-friendly interface.

Prompt Development Process of CRM

We are a company with 19 years of experience in the industry and we have developed the most effective approaches to our work in order to deliver the most cost and time effective solutions to small businesses.  The development of a CRM system goes through four stages. The chart below provides more detailed information about the process.

Kickoff and discoveryDirect Line Development will meet with your company representative to learn more about the workflow to understand what steps can be automated. This is a brief meeting to discuss the design, CRM architecture and, most importantly, your goals.5 days
PrototypingWe start every project with a brief discovery meeting to develop a design concept, and then create the CRM prototypes. After completing the prototypes, you will have a formal wireframe, navigation map, and detailed notes.15 days
DesignDesigners select fonts and add the company’s brand color scheme.4 days
Front-End and Back-EndDirect Line Development will build a custom theme for the CRM and add all the internal pages, interactive features, etc. Front-end and back-end coding processes are executed in Python by two senior developers.25 days
TestingDevelopers test and debug the CRM system. Testing and quality assurance is performed according to our checklist.3 days

The Takeaways

Using CRM, we have optimized our working processes and, with the enhancement of team collaboration, we have increased our department’s efficiency. We received a single database that allowed easy monitoring of statistics, as well as cut down on costs.

Improvements with CRM

Using CRM you will get:

  • Efficiency
  • Continuity
  • Visibility
  • Strong strategic planning
  • Better communication between departments
  • High competitive edge

If you are looking for more bang for your buck, our CRM system is an efficient, cost-cutting solution you need. Invest in this time-proven technological asset with Direct Line Development.   


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