Website development for the Decker Benefits Solutions insurance company

Website development for the Decker Benefits Solutions insurance company

When it comes to our design, we love showing off what we can do for our clients. That is why we’d like to share some words about our website development project for the insurance company Decker Benefits Solutions. Decker Benefits Solutions is a health and welfare based insurance company. Decker benefits is committed to assessing both your short-term and long term needs, and wants you to be a happy, life-long customer. The company has been working for over 15 years and is a trusted resource for health and welfare benefits.The aim of the site was to represent the list of services provided by the company, as well as to inform about implementation of new insurance programs and documents necessary when an incident occurs. It also provides both potential and current customers with as much as information as needed. The developed website of the insurance company should have an accessible and understandable structure.

You can read the text below to see how we developed a website for a insurance company. Also, you might want to check the case of the Decker Benefits Solutions to see more details about the development process.

Modern website development for the insurance company

The major priorities of the project were the following: Related MaterialsCreating a simple and functional site for the management consulting group The Bergey GroupCreating a simple and functional site for the management consulting group The Bergey Group

  • Usability
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Information is easy to read
  • Accessibility to each functional element
  • The best representation of the company’s services and opportunities
  • Accessible feedback form

The first stage was to analyze competitors operated in the same region where the company was located. Next, we thought out the concept of the site and the promotion strategy of its services. After the completing our research, we started prototyping the pages. This stage allowed us to build a clear and regulated structure of the site quickly, as well as to analyze it and filter out unnecessary elements. We created more than 15 pages and showed them to the customer for approval.

Design concept for the insurance company

After the client approved the prototypes, our professional designers drew layouts for the future site.We chose three colors for the website - green, blue and purple. Color accent is a simple and effective way to highlight important information. It helps to direct the user’s gaze to a certain part of the screen, or break up a monotonous block of content into easy-to-read parts. In other words, such a simple decorative tool as color in the right hands can easily replace catchy illustrations and complex prints and create a beautiful and functional design. It is difficult to structure a huge piece of content in order to make it convenient for the users to read and use it. Our designers ensured that the simple color scheme was laid out correctly. While creating a website design for Decker Benefits Solutions, we used a variety of unique icons. We even added an animation and applied an interesting pattern to the background. As for pictures, all the photos were unique and specially selected for the site. The home page leads to all sections of the site. The structure of the pages are consistent and clear and contain all the information necessary for the user.

Search Engine Optimization

During the process we were engaged in preparing for the promotion of the client’s services through SEO:

  • We built a semantic core
  • Worked through the major queries
  • Created a separate page for the blog

We chose mid-frequency queries as it corresponded to the strategy. We still have a lot of work to do in this department as this is just the beginning of our SEO promotion work.

As a result we have the following

  • An attractive site, developed according to modern technologies. User-friendly interface, eye catching design and layout - as well as making it convenient for the visitors to be on the site
  • Responsive web design does not limit the users and provides full functionality on any device

We are always open to new ideas and are constantly looking for out-of-the-box solutions. Contact us now and we will do our best to develop a unique website design for your business!

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