Development of modern and responsive landing page for Celebrant Robin

Development of modern and responsive landing page for Celebrant Robin

Without a doubt, the most thrilling and heart-pounding moment in a life is an upcoming wedding ceremony. A wedding is the brightest and the most memorable occasion ever because it is the day when two loving hearts, two soulmates, become one family.

Weddings and other ceremonies are what celebrant Robin is best at. Robin puts her heart and soul into officiating and creating professional, poetic, heartfelt ceremonies in Philadelphia, PA, the suburbs of Montgomery, Bucks, and Delaware Counties and in neighboring New Jersey. Being a writer, theater director, and life-long learner, Robin knows how to delight her clients.

Direct Line Development was glad to help Robin with web design of a responsive and clean business website. Our job was to create a landing page improving its visuals, usability and structure and make it as bright as the work she does. If you want to know how to create a good business website, you can read our article.  

The process of landing page web development for a wedding officiant

No business project will be successful until all the client’s suggestions are learned. We always listen to achieve the best results and deliver the highest quality product. After we complete our discovery, we move into the web design process. First, we studied informational structure to create a prototype. This stage allows us to draw and build a clear and specific structure of the site, analyze it and filter out any unnecessary information. Prototyping simplifies a design stage because when you have a page scheme, list of the all elements and their placement, it is much easier to design mockups for a website.

Prototypes for Robin website pages

When the prototype of the landing page was ready it was sent to the client for approval. When the client said that everything was cool, the prototype was passed to our professional design team so they could create a mockup.  

Unique web design for Robin website pages

Modern and responsive design of landing page for the Celebrant Robin

‘Nothing in excess’ is the main concept of the website for celebrant Robin. Our designers studied all the project information and concluded that the best solution for the site would be leaving the key content so it would stand out on the page. This technique allows users to find the needed information instantly. An easy structure and logical navigation help improve user experience as well as SEO. A friendly color scheme attracts visitors and earns trust.

The main feature is how the information is delivered. The landing page information is deliberately divided into blocks which make it more readable. We arranged everything on the site in a way so the users could appreciate its usability. We didn’t forget about mobile users either. The website has a mobile adaptive version to display the same usability and the same  beautiful appearance of the design concept.

Adaptive website design for Celebrant Robin by Direct Line DevelopmentMain page development for Celebrant RobinContact page development for Celebrant Robin

To create a responsive website for different devices it is necessary to take into account not only features of different browsers, but features of different OS and display resolutions. Developers used Javascript and CSS styles which are applied depending on a device used to enter the site.       

Working everything through in details

The mockup was polished off and worked through to the finest details because we are scrupulous about all our projects. To make the site more wedding related we placed to its header a themed video. 

The website appearance and visual features deserve a separate article. Animated objects like pictures, text, buttons softly float in on the screen while scrolling the page down. To attract user’s views to the information we used bold headers with a gradient text effect. As all weddings are followed by bright emotions we used a pleasant color scheme that represents joy and happiness. It has a powerful impact on users because colors can set the mood and cheer up and even give the push that makes people trust a company or a website owner and buy services. Our professional designers grouped pink and orange pastel colors that perfectly fit the theme of the site and make it more friendly and warm.

Final website development version for Celebrant Robin

Summing it up

We pride ourselves on products we deliver and quality of services we provide as a progressive web studio based in Philadelphia. Websites we make are always of high-standards and high-quality. The landing page for Robin is not an exception, As a result of the work that’s been completed, we launched the fully responsive, very informative and neatly structured site to help Robin make as much couples as possible happier. The landing page adaptive design allows to browse it on any browser, mobile device and screen. Besides, we developed flexible CMS which is simple and easy to use and allows to easily apply changes.

Let us create us a web design of your dream. Direct Line Development is the company you definitely can rely on, If you are looking for an amazing web design company, we are the best contractor for you and your business. We always find the most suitable solution for your online business needs.  


One of the most amazing things about this site, is the attention to detail that our developers applied when building it. I am extremely proud of our company in that this Simple landing Page as opposed to a multi-Page Website, received the same level of attention to detail in creating it. When looking at our competitors portfolios one could easily recognize which project cost more than others. This website looks amazing and functions even better!!!

I always love that even on a website that is only a single page that so much could be expressed. The movement, the colors and the way it all flows together really blew me away with this project. Also how that schema was held true on my phone was great as well!

Beautiful design and great attention to detail! This will definitely stand out among competitors.

I am definitely one of those people who judge a book by its cover. Having a Landing Page like this definitely gives me the reassurance that Robin knows how to plan my wedding day.

Great explanation about how a great landing page comes together and how the process comes together!

Grabbing someone's attention on one page is pretty tricky. This is a fantastic example of taking a great story and idea and framing it in a beautiful and engaging landing page.

What an exquisite design! I like that almost every screen has a paragraph and a Contact Us button. Seamless and easy to navigate.

This is a great example of a beautiful website that grabs your attention right when you go onto the site!

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