Development of a modern website for Castle Oaks Apartments

Development of a modern website for Castle Oaks Apartments

Castle Oaks Apartments are centrally located, close to public transportation, near shopping and dining and minutes away from Philadelphia. Castle Oaks has everything to make you feel at home: newly renovated apartments, energy efficient appliances, cable, individual parking place, and more. The Castle Oaks company asked Direct Line Development to design and develop a brand new responsive website to represent the available units, amenities and conditions, as well as the opportunity to rent a room online. Our task was to create a landing page for Castle Oaks. Besides, we had to improve the visual usability of the site and simplify the structure.

You can read the text below to see how we developed a website for apartments. Also, you might want to check the case of Castle Oaks to see more details about the development process.

The process of developing a landing page for the Castle Oaks Apartments

When we started developing a website for Castle Oaks, we carried out a full analysis of information structure and only after that began prototypes creation. We always take a careful and responsible approach to design and take seriously the smallest details. Before creating a website layout, we always agree on the prototypes with the client to take into account all his wishes and save time. After the client’s approval of the final prototype, the work went to our Design Department in order to create the layout.

website development for the Castle Oaks Apartments

Bright and contemporary design of the landing page

Before designing the layout, our specialists studied all the information on the project. After discussions we agreed that the site should contain only the key points of the content and nothing redundant. The user should find quickly all the necessary information on services . It could be reached with the help of simple structure and logical navigation. Friendly color scheme had to be trustworthy. Nothing redundant was the main principle of Castle Oaks Apartments. The main task for us was to understand how the information should be located. We took a decision to divide the landing page into blocks. With such a structure it could be comfortable for users to view the content and find needful information. We offered the client two variants of the landing page.

A carefully nuanced design of the landing page

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The layout was worked out to the very last detail. We decided to place a slider with high-quality photos of the Castle Oaks Apartments facade in the header of the site. You can find the floor plan of the apartments on the top of the page. The plan contains location of the rooms and their sizes. Moreover, a convenient map is displayed below the floor plan. You can find the apartments location on the map. We also posted amenities and details of Castle Oaks, as well as an attractive photo gallery of the rooms. We also paid great attention to the color of the website. Thus, minimalism is implemented here both in structure and in color scheme. The site has only one page and there are only two colors - the combination of two shades of red and beige colors. To our minds, it looks very impressive.

The most important thing about the site is ability to rent an apartment online. We consider this function to be great because today more and more people use mobile devices to search the web. Visitors can download the application form, fill it out and send it to Castle Oaks by email. Without a doubt, this is a very convenient way to apply. We've thought of everything so that visitors could feel comfortable when viewing the website. We adapted the design to all kinds of devices. Meaning that the site keeps a clear structure and visual beauty of the design concept on any screen size. It is easy for the users to read the information on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Castle Oaks Apartments website in mobile deviceThe main page of the Castle Oaks website

Bottom line

As a result, we have a bright and modern website, neatly divided into blocks. The Castle Oaks site has a responsive web design. It looks great on any screen size and any web browser and works well on any device. In addition, we have developed a flexible Content Management System (CMS). It is very simple, so the client can see all the changes at once. If you are offering your services on the Internet, Direct Line Development can help you with it!

Animated picture of the developed Castle Oaks site


Ben Hayward

I never realized how important prototyping is to the Website development process.

Steve Greenspan

Great article, I love how bright and inviting this site is. Also, how easy it is for a prospect to get the agreement and sign up!

Fred Yuldashev

Creating a prototype is crucial to the design process. The fact that you take time and walkthrough each step process with the client, demonstrates your professionalism.

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