Direct Line Development Scholarship Program in Philadelphia

Direct Line Development Scholarship Program in Philadelphia

Direct Line Development is offering a Scholarship Program to anyone who is interested in learning more about web-development and digital marketing. Our goal is to provide a well rounded experience behind the scenes of web development. As well as, a grasp of all aspects of what Direct Line Development is about. Since, we live in the age of great online community also known as Snapchat, Instagram, etc. - here we will like to expand your knowledge beyond your usual classroom and everyday life. We will present an the material and make you understand how social medias and their followers dictate popularity and success of small or big businesses. More importantly, we will show you and teach you about web development and how it makes the social media successful and the business associated with it.

Since we managed to grab your attention with our mission. We will also like to inform you that when you successfully complete your learning experience with Direct Line Development - you will be rewarded with $1000 dollars to be used for school, books or living expenses.


  1. Students who are located in the Philadelphia region
  2. Must be currently enrolled for the upcoming 2018 Fall semester
  3. Content must be original and written by you
  4. Minimum GPA of 2.0 

How to Enter

  1. Students are required to write an essay minimum of 1000 words on the following topics:
    1. How beneficial is SEO in 2018 and what are the trends?
    2. What makes a truly effective website and how can they apply to businesses?
    3. What are the main differences between a template based design and a custom. Who do they apply for?
    4. Differences between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.  Why should you stay away from Black Hat tactics?
    5. How does SEO and User Experience work together? Why does Google put such a focus on those two factors when it comes to ranking?
  2. After you have completed your essay, submit it to the following email, with
    1. Your Name
    2. School at which you are attending
    3. Current Major
    4. Current GPA 
    5. Graduating year
    6. Brief description about yourself
  3. The deadline for submitting your essays will be September 28, 2018. We will be reviewing your submissions and in a week we will choose the winner!


Is there any thought on expanding this to the DLD office in Colorado?

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