E-Commerce Development for Evolut from Professionals, Direct Line Development

E-Commerce Development for Evolut from Professionals, Direct Line Development

At last, the e-commerce development for the initial version of unique and innovative Evolut silver nanoparticles online store has been completed! Direct Line Development is thrilled with the results and our valued clients are, too.

Responsive web ecommerce development for Evolut

Initially, we set to work creating a prototype of the online store, adjusting, designing, and amending until our client was satisfied. We then sent the prototype off to the developers and awaited the alpha version. Here it is! We worked hard to ensure the site would be responsive and work across all types of devices and browsers. We also focused on an adaptive design and ensured that the photos and text would not only load effortlessly on an array of devices, but that both text and photos would be clean, clear, attractive, and clutter-free. Here you will see the fantastic page-proofs, which we are very happy with.

Web development for Evolut 404 page

This was a complex project for Direct Line Development, and we wanted to ensure we did justice for the client’s unique and exciting products. We spent around 70 hours on design and approximately 80 hours on development, with many pictures drawn. We also created 4 different types of pictures were draw for the main page and over 25 pages for the entire website. This ensured we truly emphasized the uniqueness of the product as well as the purity of Evolut’s incredible offering. The end result: our client was extremely satisfied.

Direct Line Development is going to continue advancing the site’s frontend and our design team plans on using several effective and appropriate animations and techniques to enhance the site further. We understand just how amazing Evolut’s product is, which is why our team makes use of them, too!


This is looks awesome! When do you think you will have the animations implemented into the site?

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