Web design and development, Fabulous Faces face painting

Web design and development, Fabulous Faces face painting

Providing services in the sphere of web design and development, we meet a lot of people interested in our work. These are the people who work in different spheres of business and they may have almost nothing in common except the fact that all of them require a nice looking, modern website that will fully reflect particular qualities of their company for a successful development of their business. Website of any company shows all its features and advantages over their competitors in the best way possible. Each of our clients is unique and deserves a special treatment. And one of them is "Fabulous Faces Face Painting" - we started an unusual project for this company and tried to make the design aimed at different categories of customers.

Web Design and Development for «Fabulous Faces», version 1

This company's sphere of activity is Entertainment. Face Painting , Balloon Twisting, Glitter Tattoos - these services are provided for clients in summer camps, universities and other kinds of places where kids and even adults celebrate different types of holidays. List of basic services includes: Face painting, Balloons twisting, Glitter tattoos, Balloon Workshops, Caricatures, and Magic Shows - all of that is always a great fun at a party! "Fabulous Faces Face Painting" has a lot of advantages over its competitors, such as a huge experience of work in this sphere, a huge portfolio full of photos of happy clients, they are professionals, doing a really high-quality job and making everybody happy at events.

Web Design and Development for «Fabulous Faces», version 2

Our project manager was trying to understand the business aims of a future website during the briefing with the client and found out that what he needs is to reach the wider range of audience by becoming recognizable in the Philadelphia area. During the briefing, client also expressed the wish to have a lot of photos and descriptions of them on the site. Having a portfolio with the executed works is highly advisable to show on the site, to make it clear and visualize the scope of activities in which the company operates, and of course to attract new customers. A lot of photos, the list of services, information about events, links to social media, reviews, slideshow - these modules we decided to use on the pages of the site for our client.

Web design - it was decided to divide the block of all the services into three columns

Many design examples of the main page were presented to the customer, including the ones with rounded fonts, with different colors used, and many different variations of the blocks showing services of the company. We decided to use bright pink color for text blocks and some of the modules, and calm blue for the main background to decorate the pages of the website - it was made in order to convey the festive mood to the site visitors. Moreover, the blue background is not a static image, it is a video which slowly glides on the background while you are surfing the website.

It was decided to divide the block of all the services into three columns - first two actually are sliders with images related to the services they show and the third one is a bright list of the rest of the services. The first two services are Face Painting & Balloon Twisting - the main two activities of the company on different entertaining events. Happy kids faces are expressing happiness on photos that were provided by a client to be used on the first slider, and great examples of how good balloon twisting looks like were given for the second slider. Related MaterialsWeb design and development for a law firm Nahrgang & AssociatesWeb design and development for a law firm Nahrgang & AssociatesWebsite development for Pioneer Small BusinessWebsite development for Pioneer Small Business

It is great to deal with original images on a site - so, unique photos were also used for a photo gallery on about page to show the process of work in details, and to show tools and materials used, and on the "Contact Us" form background you can also see happy kids with faces being painted. Additionally, there are few more blocks used on the main page: list of clients and clients testimonials. Providing these services, the company "Fabulous Faces Face Painting" dealt with a huge number of customers for over the past 15 years, so our client has collected a large database of positive reviews which characterizes her and services she offers in the best way possible. A large list of clients includes Philadelphia Museum of Art, University of Pennsylvania, and many others! This project is not finished yet, but we can say for sure - one more page with examples of wonderful "Fabulous Faces Face Painting" works and their description will be ready soon!

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