Best Financial Website Design for Woodwell Asset Management

Best Financial Website Design for Woodwell Asset Management

As a web design company, we at Direct Line Development often encounter challenges in our work; the past year was no exception. We completed over 40 exquisite projects in 12 months for a variety of firms and companies. Over the course of our dedicated work in the IT industry, we have developed tradition to share our expertise by selecting the most fascinated projects, to showcase our approach and skills, and give a comprehensive insight into web development process for various businesses.

Last year we were engaged in a financial website design project for Woodwell Asset Management, a financial company based in Fort Washington, PA. You can read a brief showcase on how we created a responsive web design for them. The company has come a long way in its niche and it handles all aspects of investment management, financial planning, and income harvesting. In this showcase, we would like to give the full picture of a modern financial website design for financial advisors.

Web pages of Financial website Woodwell Asset

Challenging Task from Financial Planner Woodwell Asset

The vast majority of our clients have similar issues with their websites when they come to us seeking the best solution. Their websites are outdated and not effective business tools anymore. When Woodwell Asset Management reached out to our web development team, their old website was dreadful from the perspective of search engine optimization and UI/UX design.

We were tasked to create a new website design for the financial company as their previous version was 3 years old and didn’t meet up-to-date design standards and modern SEO trends. Which means it didn’t fulfill its primary functions - attract customers and convert them into new clients.

The main thing that jumped on users when they visited the old website was a template design. It didn’t fulfill a corporate style that is vital for any company, especially for the company that offers financial planning and investment management. In addition, it was slow and static. The website didn’t adjust to comfortable browsing on mobile devices, losing over 59% of traffic. Its desktop load speed was not up to par and was 37/100 according to PageSpeed Insights, which is not a good rate for online presence in the highly competitive industry. Optimization wasn’t A-class neither: it missed basic SEO features such as meta titles, meta descriptions, sitemap.xml and many more. It lacked CMS (Content Management System) as well, so we had to embed it to let our client easily change the content on the website. Before the start of the financial website design process, we planned every aspect step-by-step and followed simple rules to create an incredibly effective website.

Research to Create Top-Notch Financial Services Website Design

We meticulously studied Google Analytics and found that visitors didn’t stay on the website for a long time and some left it right after clicking on it in SERP. We thoroughly monitor competitors’ websites to see more clearly what makes them stand out in the niche and what features our client’s website lacked. The biggest feature the website didn’t have is personality as there was no information about the company’s leaders with photo and descriptions undermining its credibility and driving potential clients away from the website.

Outdated web design of Woodwell Asset website's internal page

At the first meeting, we typically fill out a detailed brief trying to gain the better insight into all the client’s wants and needs, issues, and what we should put more focus on in financial website design process. In order to determine the concept of the future financial website design, we discussed metaphors with the client and selected one that fitted the company’s corporate style best.

Financial Website Design Process: Step-by-Step to Better Online Representation

Web design stage is decisive for the whole project. It will have a further impact on user experience, website usability, and traffic. At this stage, the website gains its visual shapes and functional features. We started with the research of modern web design trends to plan a website structure. Then, we laid out each element on every single page of the site. This step is very important as it helps to figure out how many pages are needed, map out various modules and out-of-the-box features if required.

Effective structure of financial website with main page and service pages

After the client approved the structure, we moved to the next step of financial website design - prototyping. Starting with the homepage, we thought about how to realize the concept and present general information. In this very case, we decided to design an exceptional slideshow navigation.

Prototype of the main page for financial company showing its interface and navigation

Design of the main page is the most challenging task and it is where we put more focus on in our work. The main page sets an image of the whole site, that’s why it is the most time-consuming process in the project. Our team of designers, managed by our art director developed the first concept of financial institution website design based on the website brief.

First concept of financial website design of the main page

We also created a little video presentation for the concept to showcase how the website would work when it goes live. However, we removed the first concept as it didn’t meet our expectations and high standards.

Animated financial web design of the first concept

Right away, we started to develop the second concept from scratch. We came up with metaphors for each slide of the presentation. 

Second concept of the main page.

Animated second concept of financial web design

After we presented the second concept to our client, we received feedback and started finalizing the design. That step required elaboration of all the details.

Upgraded second financial web design concept for Woodwell company

The website now is viewed like an extraordinary presentation of the business. And after the main page design was approved, we could focus on prototyping of internal pages.

Animated final concept of financial web design

At the same time, we designed a logo for the company as a free bonus. We have been offering our logo services for many years and we know that a logo must be simple and understandable and, in addition, it must look impressive on any media. As a result, our team created a simple and modern logo for the financial advisors with an elegant design.

Engaging and creative logo Woodwell  Asset Management

We develop prototypes of internal pages using InVision app to bring some interactive features to the financial website design project. Now many elements on the site are clickable and make you go to its other pages. During this step, we carefully develop informative blocks, functional integration with various services and add content elements. We never jump to the next step without completing this one because it gives us the full picture of the project at a minimum cost. When prototypes are approved by a client, the step is completed.

Prototypes of the internal pages.for the financial company website

Design of internal pages is a technical issue. In fact, we take all the information from our prototypes and present it in the main page style to send it for review and approval.

Partners page web design Contact pag design for the financial web company

Our concept included graphic design related to a financial industry that had to be neatly drawn. There were financial diagrams of the company’s achievements and work schemes used within a specific business aspect. Our task was to work out the right way to present that data.

FFinancial planning scheme drown for the financial company websiteEye-catchy graphic design of the financial planning scheme

The visual information makes a difference as it helps potential clients see conveniently what the company is about on the site and their results instead of reading dry, lengthy texts. That focuses customers’ attention on what you want them to see first and makes them spend longer time on the page.

Financial Web Development Process: Front-end and Back-end

Choosing the competent web design company for a business website in Philadelphia and Denver is a frantic challenge. Our web development services is a perfect solution for those who look for quality financial website design at a reasonable price. We always double-check everything to make sure we missed nothing before moving to the next stage, especially, when it comes to front-end and back-end development.

Front-end deals with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In other words, everything that users see on their devices or their browser can launch, read and display is a front-end side, while back-end deals with the server side. Designers prepare particular layouts using Sketch and then transfer them to Zeplin, so that developers could see all specifications such as elements, font sizes, etc. During front-end development, we encountered several challenges in our attempts to adapt complex animation to different screen resolution and mobile devices providing the same quality of displaying. Eventually, we overcame those challenges due to our knowledge and expertise. When the front-end step was completed, our back-end developers took on their task. Over the course of our work in the industry, we have used many programming languages and have decided to write websites using Python with Django framework, which are considered to the most advantageous tools for developers nowadays.

A piace of code written in Python for the financial company website

Back-end is a technical aspect of web development process and it seldom causes difficulties, if experts know what they’re doing. Front-end and back-end development are like a frame and glue that bring all the elements and design together into one complete picture.

Testing of a Financial Company Website

Testing is nearly the last stage of the website development process. We use a local testing server to where we upload all the content that will be on the future website including photos, texts, headers, etc and create tests. Later on, we demonstrate the server to a client. After we receive “yes” from our client, we deploy the website to a production server and changed DNS on a domain. The server remains active for further improvements.

Testing is a vital stage in the whole web development process because it helps detect bugs before the launch. Our testers attentively check every element on pages and if a problem occurs, our developers fix it in a flash. We test a website on all devices, including Mac, PC, Android, and IOS.

We have strict standards written for each stage, however, they depend on the size and complexity of the project. In the table below, you can find how long exactly it took us to deliver financial website design for Woodwell Asset Management:

Work type

Working period in business daysApprovement period in business days 
Main page prototyping52
Main page design711
Internal pages prototyping52
Internal pages design83
Front-end development14-
Back-end development6-
Content uploading31
Total development period5123

Financial Company Website Design Outcome

Our efforts were paid off with an outstanding website performance and client’s appreciative feedback. We always use tips to optimize websites and increase its loading speed to the maximum.

Results of the Page Speed test of financial website Woodwell Asset Management

As a result, we delivered an A-class financial website design for a financial management company. The website’s content adapts to different browsers and screens of various devices. We also developed a custom content management system to expedite and simplify the process of updating and managing outdated information like addresses, employees or changing texts on the site.

We pride ourselves in delivering such complex web design projects and that our clients can rely on us. Here are some benefits of working with Direct Line Development:

  • We keep pace with up-to-date trends and technologies in the industry
  • Guarantee of quality work as we check and test every step
  • Our design team will complete your challenging project  in a timely and professional manner
  • We always meet deadlines
  • We offer a budget-friendly solution to our every client

Contact us to discuss with us your modern financial website design or any other and receive your top-notch web design from the best web development agency in Philadelphia and Denver.


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