We Compiled a Free Photo Bank for Philadelphia with over 2500 Photos

We Compiled a Free Photo Bank for Philadelphia with over 2500 Photos

As a Philadelphia-based web design company, we obviously come across many websites in the city and surrounding areas. As our experts prowled through more and more of these websites, we noticed several trends. Many of the photos on these websites were using either outdated or low-quality pictures of the city. For the websites that did have higher quality pictures, they were simple stock images of the same Philadelphia skyline that you see all over the city. In terms of key attractions and other notable parts of the city, the pickings were slim.

We decided it was time for us to remedy this situation.

About the Project

Our ever-growing Philadelphia-themed photo bank is completely free for everyone to use. As the quality and details of the pictures already suggest, professional photographers and cameras are used during official shoots for our site because we want the city of Philadelphia to be viewed in the best possible light. Check them out for yourself!

Again, this photo bank is open to anyone with no restrictions. The only thing that we require is that when a photo is taken from our stock for professional use, the person using the photo properly cite the source from which it was taken by providing a link to our site. This is less about the credit for the photo and more so to encourage others to explore the bank of photos we are collecting.

The project was funded by our own staff so that we can create websites for our clients that have a more individualized and localized feel, should that be something they desire. As previously mentioned, we will continue to develop and update our photo bank with new pictures as time goes on, focusing on developing areas in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas in which we all live and work.

You will also find it very easy to browse our site for the photos you are looking for. Our pictures are organized according to category, map, and popularity.

How We Created the Project

We flew in one of our favorite photographers for the first two weeks of the project. Over the course of his time with us in Philadelphia, he took over 7000 pictures! We then had him sit down with our designers in order to select only the best photos from the huge stockpile we had created.

In the end, 2500 photos made the cut. Our digital design staff then took 10 days for editing and retouching. All in all, we had 12 different people working on this project. At this point, we will let the quality speak for itself, but we couldn’t be happier with the results.

What the Future Holds for this Project

Right now, as you can probably tell, the microstock photos that we have compiled are only from January. We have at least two more photoshoots in the books for both summer and autumn. Our goal is to capture the essence of Philadelphia throughout every season. By the end of 2017, we are hoping to have around 10,000 photos in our photo bank.

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In addition to new pictures, we will also bring in new photographers. We are even allowing the public to upload their own photos to the site. Once our team reviews them and ensures their suitability, your own pictures will officially be uploaded to the site.

If you notice that our stockpile is missing a certain attraction, a type of theme, or something along these lines that you feel would be beneficial to have available, please email us and we will be sure to include images of that type in our upcoming photoshoots.

Help Us Roll Out This Project

We need your help to give this project the popularity it deserves. We ask that you repost this article and share it with anyone who may be interested so that more people can benefit from access to our project. Together with your help, we will change the face of our city on the internet for good. Our goal is to show the world how amazing the city of Philadelphia truly is. Thank you for your help and cooperation!

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