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Discover How to Increase Online Sales with Professional Web Design

Discover How to Increase Online Sales with Professional Web Design

When you contact our web design company to help you update and refresh the look of your site, ask yourself: how to increase online sales fast and drive more leads to convert simply by redesigning my site. You know that you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, but image is essential to get a sale. You can boost online sales and promote your business brand image simply by having a professional website.

In this article, we will explain how to convert your site traffic and how to get more online sales with one simple decision: to let experienced professionals design and develop your business website. We will detail some of the most effective web design best practices, which we incorporate in all the projects we complete for clients.

Our aim is to help you understand that the visual aspect of your site is what draws people’s attention to your products and services. You may have the best product on the market. But if you do not showcase it on a website that offers excellent user experience, you will never be able to get enough sales to be successful in business.

What Is the Connection between Web Design and Your Wish to Increase Sales on Website?

You may wonder now, can you increase sales on a website simply by changing the design of the site? Or is there any connection at all between how to increase online sales for a small business and hiring web design professionals?

Statistical data shows that the consumer’s behavior is influenced by the look and functionality of business websites. The reality is that the website has become the new storefront: if people like what they see, they will buy from you, so you will sell better. Otherwise, they will move on to the next store and its website.

You can boost online sales by paying attention to how users react to the design of your site.

People are visual beings and our brains are wired to perceive and remember visual information more easily than in any other form. Good website design and user experience can convert website traffic to sales, promote client loyalty and keep your business successful. 

What You Need to Know: How to Increase Website Sales through Design?

Converting website traffic to sales for any company starts with responsive web design. This is a way of designing websites so they adapt to the size of any screen used by visitors, from a wide format computer monitor to a mobile phone screen.

Since mobile internet traffic has exceeded desktop internet traffic, this is a basic prerequisite for any website. Also, Google is now indexing the mobile version of websites, as opposed to the desktop version. 

Other aspects of conversion web design to boost revenues for your online business are:

Using High Quality Visuals

If you want to boost online sales and drive client engagement with your site, break block of texts with high quality visuals: 

  1. photos
  2. videos
  3. illustrations
  4. charts.

These visual elements have two roles:

  • offer the user a break between paragraphs of texts
  • provide supplementary information, reinforcing the message of the text.

Ideally, you should produce your own visuals (photos and videos) because they look authentic and meet your branding guidelines. If you cannot do that, you can find many high resolution images on stock photography website, which you can purchase for a reasonable fee.

Design a Simple Navigation for Your Website

Navigation is one of the most critical elements of web design. If you are interested in how to drive sales to your website, start with the menu. It must be easy to understand even for someone who is browsing a website for the first time.

One of the main conversion web design principles is having a simple and easy navigation structure

Properly organized navigation menus allow users to reach the page they are interested in, go back to a previous page or jump to a new section without wasting time looking for the specific web page they need. Nothing drives a user away from a site faster than the feeling of being lost and unsure what they should click on to get to the page they need.

There are four types of navigation areas available on a website:

Primary Navigation

- the website menu contains buttons to all pages

- these buttons can be organized in various hierarchical structures

- the menu can be fixed, drop down or activated by mouse hover

Top Bar Navigation

-the top bar above the primary menu can be used to add several navigation shortcuts

- it is most effective for placing the Login button

- you should also add a link to your Contact page, as well as basic contact information on the top bar

Side Bar Navigation

- a side bar menu allows users to see other navigation options as they are browsing the current page

- it is a better choice for drop down menus, to avoid covering the text and visuals

Footer Navigation

- most websites have links to the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Cookie Policy on the footer

- You can also add links to main product categories and your contact page

Used with attention to user experience, all these sections can help increase sales on website and promote popular product categories for customers who want to make a quick purchase.

Careful White Space Usage on All Pages

Do you know why paragraphs exist in books? Because your eyes would become tired and you would lose focus if you had big chunks of text covering all the pages. The same thing is true for websites. The principle less is more is the golden rule in conversion web design and the way to encourage people to spend more time on your site.

With lots of white space, a web page can boost online sales by letting users focus on your message

A busy page, full of text, photos and various graphic elements is distracting. The user does not know where to focus their attention. Most likely, they will not understand the message you try to convey and will not follow the call to action. Thus, white space represents one of the best practices for converting website traffic to sales and repeated purchase by loyal clients.

Publishing Recommendations and Referrals

Product and service pages should feature customer testimonials and recommendations. This is one of the most effective ways to boost online sales. Your own statements about how good your products are will never be as credible as a client’s positive experience after using your products.

While some websites have a separate page for testimonials, conversion web design best practices state that you should sprinkle recommendations, ratings and reviews on as many pages of your site as you can, including the home page.

Implementing a Short Sale Cycle in the Web Design

How to get more online sales and the best ratio between website visits and completed purchases? You may already know that the high rate of shopping cart abandonment is one of the key reasons online stores don’t grow their sales.

Conversion web design principles help simplify the checkout process and drive more sales.

One of the reasons why people abandon an online cart is the long and complex buying process. They have to fill in many forms, hop from page to page until they finally complete the purchase. Many of them give up in the process. Thus, one of the roles of great web design for converting website traffic to sales is creating a simple and effective sale cycle, with as few steps as possible. 

Making Call-to-Action and Contact Forms Stand Out

CTA buttons and contact forms must be clearly visible and encourage visitors to use them. Conversion web design principles have simple rules for these:

  • make the CTA button sufficiently large to be clicked or tapped
  • use bright colors, which draw the reader’s attention
  • keep contact forms as short as possible. 

Show Loyalty to Customers through Trust Building Elements

You can boost online sales if you show your customers that you are loyal to them and care about them. Some simple visual elements can build and maintain trusts, especially the logos indicating:

  • a SSL Secure website
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Awards your website has won
  • Partnerships with trusted brands.

Focusing on Site Loading Optimization

Conversion web design for the best results does not focus only on looks, but also on loading speeds. Consumers are no longer patient. They will not wait for a website to load more than 1-2 seconds. If your site is slow, you lose not only potential customers, but also the chance to rank in Google searches, because the search engine penalizes slow loading sites.

Boost online sales by reducing the bounce rate on your site and keeping users engaged

Having a Mobile Version of Your Site

Mobile optimization is crucial if you want to increase sales on website and grow your business

If you have a very complex site, you should consider creating a mobile version with a simplified design. The mobile site will have the same functionalities and help you convert website traffic to sales, but it will have fewer graphic elements and a cleaner page template than the desktop version. This will help users with older phones, having smaller screens browse your site in excellent conditions.

A simplified version of your site for mobile can boost online sales and attract more clients

What to Do to Boost Online Sales for Your Ecommerce Site

So far, we have explained how web design plays a role in converting website traffic to sales through specific features and elements. Now, we will show you the bigger picture. We will focus now on a holistic approach to how to increase online sales fast, explaining the best principles used by successful companies:

Create a Sales Funnel

The sales funnel represents a series of actions and elements that encourage a first time website visitor to become a lead (someone who is interested in your products and services) and then a customer. The sales funnel on a website consists of a series of calls to action, such as:

  • Encouraging visitors to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Inviting users to attend a webinar
  • Offering a free trial version of your apps or software solutions.

The sales funnel can help convert website traffic to sales using the best design principles

Publish Relevant Content Frequently

Remember that content is king both for SEO purposes and if you want to boost online sales. Creating a blog attached to your ecommerce website is the simplest and most effective way of publishing fresh content on your site.

Blog posts have several beneficial roles:

  • They help you promote your relevant keywords
  • They help you showcase your expertise in your business field
  • They help visitors find solutions to their problems and trust your business.

Use Custom Web Design

You can purchase a web design template and customize it up to a limit. However, if you want to build a memorable brand image and convert website traffic to sales through new and loyal customers, you should have a unique look for your site.

Effective UX design can boost online sales and help you increase the number of loyal clients

A professional web design agency can create a website from the bottom up, starting with the functionalities and menu structure and finishing with complete optimization for Google ranking.

For example, the web design solution for the CBD site, our redesign of a client’s website helped them boost online sales and build customer loyalty.

Custom web design is one of the ways in which you can convert website traffic to sales.

Focus on Conversion Rate Optimization

Professional web design and SEO work together to do two things: bring more traffic to your website and increase the conversion rate. But what is the conversion rate and why does it matter if you want to know how to increase online sales?

A conversion is any type of action that a user takes on your site. It is not always a purchase. Through great design you can boost online sales, but you must not push a user too hard in that direction. Instead, consider all the ways in which you can build a relationship with a user, such as:

  • By asking them to give you their email and receive updates
  • By encouraging them to comment on your blog posts
  • By persuading them to share your website content to their social media pages.

Conversion web design and constant performance monitoring help your company get more sales

Great web design helps boost the conversion rate through simple, but effective elements, such as:

  • Strategically placed CTA buttons
  • Floating social media buttons at the side of the page
  • Simple comment and sign-up forms.

Do You Want to Boost Online Sales? We Can Help You!

Direct Line Development is a professional company relying on an experienced multidisciplinary team of SEO experts, web developers and web designers. We know how to get more online sales for your business by using the best practices in web design and building a strong brand image for your company

We are ready to help you convert website traffic to sales so schedule an appointment with us now!


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