Logo design for the Lotus Beauty Spa

Logo design for the Lotus Beauty Spa

The rhythm of modern life in a big city is exhausting, leaving little time for rest. In an environment like this, a spa-salon is a perfect secluded oasis where you can forget about problems for a while. Here, you will be able to relax, rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. In this article, we'll tell you about how to get a logo just like beauty spa Lotus.

One of our clients asked Direct Line Development to develop a logo for their spa. We looked at the client's wants and preferences. The client wanted to have a lotus flower as their main design, along with the word “Lotus” written in big letters and “beauty spa” written smaller. The client wanted interesting details incorporated into the petals of the lotus. The final design included something resembling strands of hair. For their color choices, they chose pink, purple, orange, yellow, and white.

You can read the text below to see how we developed a logo for a Beauty Spa. Also, you might want to check the case of Lotus to see more details about the development process.

The process of developing a logo for a beauty spa

Our team of professionals analyzed all the information presented during the initial intake conversation or briefing process, as we refer to it. After discussing the logo and proposing various ideas for its implementation, we gathered the best information on it as we could and started sketching. After all of the logos were drawn, they were translated into a vector format on the computer.

Complete, full-color variants of the logo were created. While creating the concept of the logo for the beauty salon, it was necessary to carefully think about all of the elements it needed. We selected fonts, developed the details, and came up with the general composition for the logo. Since the customer had some doubts about the details of the image in the logo, several different versions of the logo concept were proposed. All three variants were presented in the same color scheme, as the client requested.

Logo Design

The customer liked the first option that we offered from the new selection. The client did, however, request a few additional features that they wanted added to the sign. By simply incorporating a couple of hands where the flower lies, we were able to give them exactly what they were looking for. After the client once again got acquainted with the newly edited logo, they asked us to make the colors more vivid.

We not only made the colors brighter, but even added  light animation to make the logo look more impressive and eye-catching. Thanks to the excellent coordination between our team and the client, they received a unique and personalized logo. The client was absolutely delighted! She really loved the logo we made for her.

Our professional designers will gladly create a corporate logo that will help your business  look more professional and credible. They are always ready to deliver custom solutions for you. We will work with you to ensure that your vision  is brought to life.

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