Logo design for a children's channel Bambo Jambo

Logo design for a children's channel Bambo Jambo

For most parents, their kids' education is one of their top priorities, and showing educational cartoons is an effective way to teach children something new. Watching educational cartoons will help kids remember colors, days of the week, the alphabet, numbers and other important things in an easy and entertaining way. In this article we will tell you how we designed the logo for our children's channel, Bambo Jambo!

Bambo Jambo - colorful, educational cartoons for kids involving Monster Trucks, Police, Fire Engines, Colors, and Numbers for Kids. Our goal was to create a simple, memorable, and vivid logo in the form of a character that would explain what the purpose of each part of the cartoon was.

You can read the text below to see how we developed a logo for a children's channel. Also, you might want to check the case of Bambo Jambo to see more details about the development process.

The process of logo design for Bambo Jambo

The logo is an important element of style and plays a huge role in the recognition of a company and its products on the market. Since the YouTube channel Bambo Jambo presents videos on the construction game, we decided to make the logo in accordance with this style. We needed a funny and memorable character, who would explain what the purpose of each part was and how to put them together in order to create a vehicle or machine.

After we discussed everything detail, our professional designers started sketching the logo. There were several options for the logo that were drawn in full detail. Next, the whole team gathered to select some of the most suitable options for further development.

Concepts of Bambo-Jambo logotype

Logo design and finishing the work

We then decided to form the details for the logo. Sketches must be transferred into vector format and then appropriate color pallette must be chosen. Since the children's channel contains videos on construction topics that describe how different types of vehicles are built, we decided to choose colors such as yellow and blue.

Colours for Bambo-Jambo logoBambo-Jambo goods with logoBambo-Jambo logo in laptop

After we moved the logo into vector format and applied the necessary colors, we got a bright and fun logo. We animated it and as a result was a cheerful, memorable, and charming character with a lot of emotions.

The simplicity and cartoonish nature of the main character became the main focus of the design for each video. Everything is reminiscent of childhood. Just like Learning with the help of Bambo-Jambo, Educational Cartoons is a great fun for kids! Watching Educational Cartoons will help your kid to remember colors, numbers, learn names of different vehicles, learn facts about space, learn the alphabet, and other important things in an easy and entertaining way.

Colorful, dinamic and creative Bambo-Jambo's logo design

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Stephen Greenspan

This is one of the most fun projects that I have had the pleasure of working on. We get requests from kids for videos, we get to do the voices and animations here and I think the Bambo logo is one of the most important pieces that really solidifies the brand.

I think it is a great logo becuase it is bright, catchy and you get a feeling that it something related to the kids right away. It is a good example of a well done job.

This logo is a great example of a logo that displays the brand well! Looking at the logo you see that it correlates to a show for kids!

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