Logo design for a learning YouTube toy channel This Side Up

Logo design for a learning YouTube toy channel This Side Up

The learning YouTube toy channel, This Side Up, is dedicated to unboxing toys and telling their history and fun facts about it. This Side Up takes for a review the best and fancy toys such as Transformers, Star Wars, Lego toys by Hasbro and others. They try to showcase an honest review of each toy giving a reasonable rating considering its safety, characteristics, quality, packaging and even price! This Side Up is open for communication with their mainstream audience. They are happy to answer all questions kids and even grownups might have.  

This Side Up decided to reach a new level and tasked our design studio Direct Line with exclusive logo creation to represent and improve their identity. Logo design is a complex process and we want to show it from the inside taking as an example our work for This Side Up.

So how did this channel appear and how did they come up with idea of unboxing toys and building them step-by-step? This is a relatively new channel and the idea was new itself. The simplicity is a core of genius. Once, as they unpackaged Lego, they thought that it could be a good idea to create a specific YouTube channel. The first videos observed Transformers, then the Star Wars, Lego Toys by Hasbro and others.

The first stage was, of course, to make up the channel name and to design the channel itself. Creating a channel name became a real challenge. After tons of variants were shovelled up, The name ‘This Side Up’ seemed to be more appropriate one. The next step after that was a channel design. Every business is visually represented on the market starting from a shop sign and ending with a custom logo. So This Side Up didn’t hesitate to rush in on YouTube with a creative custom logo.

What does it take to create a custom logo design? The initial step of logo designing is to learn as much as possible about the company because the logo should reflect company’s ideas. As this step was far behind, our professional designers created a numerous logo maquettes in order to start a rigorous selection and draw them in detail in vector format. Only five variants of maquettes reached the final step and they were taken as basis for an ultimate logo.

A good logo design should be light for easy perception and free of excessive elements. The more simple it will be, the more likely it will be easily remembered. As they say, the best design is the design from which nothing else can be removed. Keeping it in mind our team of designers brought those 5 logo concepts to the final version.

Accurately chosen color scheme is a result of a near work in searching for the main color and harmony between it and other colors. We selected blue, red, green and purple for the logo as the most suitable.

Logo design process for This Side Up youtube channel5 concepts for This Side Up logotype design5 colorfull concepts for This Side Up logotype

Final version logo for the YouTube toy channel

In the end we delivered a colorful creative logo for the learning YouTube channel. Engaging color solution plus simplicity is an effective tool of credibility and identity improvement. If you take a look at logos of big players, you will see the same tendency.

This Side Up is a YouTube channel for kids that compounds toy review, juicy facts and sea of fun. Subscribe the channel, watch new videos every week and learn new interesting facts about toys.

Final version of This Side Up logoShowing This Side Up logo design with cartoon hero

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Having a good logo is imperative, it needs to be easily recognized, and be a great representation of the company

With the myriad of unboxing channels on YouTube it was important to not only have us stand out but also be easily recognizable. I think both the name and the logo easily achieved this and contained one of my favorite dad-joke puns for an unboxing channel.

Great logos can really separate a company from it's competitors. It needs to be unique and match what the company is all about. WELL DONE!

It is very cool that you share the process. It is very interesting to see how the logo was created and what is the idea behind it.

This is a very professional approach to a YouTube channel. Most YouTubers just slap a picture and forget about it. This side up will definitely succeed just on the fact that they are putting this much effort into their logo.

It's still fascinating to me that branding can affect decision-making of buying or using something. Logo design investment would definitely be useful!

This is a great article to show the actual process of how the logo is created and the amount of effort that is put into building a logo!

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