Logo design for a photographer from Philadelphia

Logo design for a photographer from Philadelphia

Every week we will keep you updated on our projects. Not long ago we finished the process of logo design for a photographer from Philadelphia. In this article we will tell you about what we did and what they received. Logo is by all means one of the most important parts of a company’s or product’s image. It must contain the key ingredients of success: pure and distinctive shapes and colors, as well as an overall image that is both original and meaningful. A designer who is in charge of logo design is assigned to a very critical task and must go through a variety of ideas and updates to create the final version that will satisfy the client.

The process of creating a logo design

The Direct Line Development company received a request on logo design creation. The task was to create an elegant logotype for a photographer Anya Kay. The client showed us some examples of a desired logo.

Any logo should be based on the following principles:

  • Simplicity and attractiveness (a logo must not be overloaded and should draw attention and bring out emotions)
  • Readability (a logo should not force consumers to decode information)
  • Universality (creation of a logo should consist of universal design techniques and tools)
  • Originality (a logo should be different from the rest and have a unique combination of all the components)

Following the client's’ ideas, the major principles and the trends we collected all the material and started developing the concepts. During the process we created 7 concepts.

Direct Line Development is very serious about every project. Every time we develop something, we discuss all the details at a meeting. So, after the meeting we identified 4 main directions for the additional steps of the logo design process.

A few words about the logo design concepts

One of the most important aspects when creating a logo is the choice of the concept. Let's look at our 4 main concepts:

Concept 1

Outline, simple concept

Concept 2

Delicate, watercolor and handwritten concept

Concept 3

Minimalistic, one-colored concept which says about elegance and classics, without redundant elements

Concept 4

Handwritten, calligraphic concept that is simple and not overloaded, but at the same time easily remembered and has its own temper.

These concepts were sent to the client for approval.

Choice of the logo design concept and finishing the work

The customer liked the handwritten, calligraphic concept. We have started to improve the chosen logo. In the process, the client asked to change the name a little.

We began to work it out and checked how it would look on different media. Letters in the logo have smooth curves and a slight carelessness. The logo could easily be in harmony with any color. It opened a lot of possibilities for printing on various materials.

Our designers create any logo design starting from letter marks and wordmarks to logo symbols and combination marks. The style can vary from classic to futuristic and is customized with your vision in mind. We pay attention not only to the image but also to a font design. If you need a logo, we can develop a handwritten logotype which will not have analogues ever.

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