Modern Website Design Of The Main page design for MG Labetti Associates

Modern Website Design Of The Main page design for MG Labetti Associates

MG Labetti Associates is one of the few firms in the Philadelphia area to use modern website design for their website. The owner has a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and more than 15 years experience of working in design industry, while being a licensed contractor at the same time. MG Labetti Associates is a design and construction firm that provides high quality services. Their sphere of activity is mainly architecture services, commercial and residential works such as general construction, lighting design, repairs, electrical, plumbing, HVAC servicing, and project management.

Before creating the main page our specialists did some research to get a better understanding of the position which MG Labetti Associates takes on the market and understand their sphere of business, see competitors’ websites and check services they offer, and the main thing to understand was - who their clients are. It is necessary to know all these things before starting to develop a modern website design. The main thing that the business aims for is the importance of the future of the website’s web design. We are here to help MG Labetti Associates find new clients through the Internet and have a good looking and user friendly website to introduce the company to the clients in the best possible way. With showcasing the company's work, it will help assure that clients see the companies work and to let them know we are what they have been looking for! MG Labetti Associates’ clients are mainly owners of restaurants, commercial offices, residential clients, and ‘flip’ owners. So, our task was to create a best web design which all the future visitors of our client's' website will like.

Main page of modern website design for MG Labetti AssociatesContact page of modern website design for MG Labetti Associates

We have our project manager working with the business owner to get his preferences according to the future design of the site during the briefing. Summarizing the brief we can imagine how the site will look like after the developing process. Great attention was paid to the color scheme and blocks to be presented on the main page of the website - all of the elements of design should be combined harmoniously and accordingly to the lastest web design trends. During the briefing session client told which of our past works he like and also gave us examples of solutions he wants us to realize in this project for him.

The first thing is the page needs to be structured in square blocks. The intuitive modern web design will be easy to use for all of the site visitors, what is more - it really looks great in a dark colors spectrum which we decided to use. Client's’ desire was to have “wood” details so we decided to fulfill sites decoration with the “wooden” background. This combined perfectly with square navigation elements colored in “gold” to attract visitors' attention.

First design version for MG Labetti Associates websiteSecond design version for MG Labetti Associates website

After the first look at the web design of the main page, it is clear that the company is expressing themselves as the ones you can rely on when you need any home design or construction works. They are available to help you with unique luxury furniture or even if you just need repair services. Images for the main page were chosen to make visitors pay attention to the sphere of the clients’ business and services he offers.

Goal to achieve - was to show that MG Labetti Associates is working with wealthy clients who got generated taste and share the website design ideas with the company owner. As expected, the main page design gives an impression of expensive and very attractive taste.

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