Another one of our clients who we love working with on the website design is Media Active Inc, the business specializes in video production. There are a lot of advantages Media Active Inc. has over their competitors. Media Active Inc. owns all professional equipment which lets them provide the best services. Media Active already has 20 years into their business and are continuously working and developing dynamic video projects. Media Active provides competitive prices - cheaper than other businesses. Media Active Inc. offers a wide range of services such as complete sales marketing, safety train videos, events shooting, live streams, location shooting, video editing, and animation. They have a ton of work experience and provide high-quality services. During those 20 years, they have worked with many big companies like Discovery Channel, Fox News, ABC News, ESPN and many other well-known companies.

Now, you can take a look at the final version of the cool website design of the home page for this project.

Design of the main page for Media Active Inc

During the briefing, we found out that Media Active Inc. usually cooperates with ad agencies, network broadcasters, manufacturers, and charities. Anybody who needs video production services can become their client. For us, a team of designers, developers, and managers, the main goal is to create a top website design that will cover all the goals and intentions of the company and attract the customers' attention.

We have been thinking about what modules have to be presented on the main page of the site. The company’s mission slogan is: “Let the power of video work for you” - so a big video on the main page was considered. It was the starting point in the process of creating a design for the Media Active Inc. main page. Our designers are fond of different cool website design ideas, so they actualized it on the top of the main page - when you land on the main page, the presentation video starts playing until you scroll the page down. When you scroll it down, the video hides behind the Media Active Inc. slogan, and can be seen continuing playing “through” the slogan.

We have also updated the logo so it looked fresh and more modern, but at the same time, it did not lose the classic look it had before. Brand awareness remains, we only improved its perception. Small check mark from the logo was used to decorate and bring the brand identity on the site pages. Color spectrum used on the logo was also used in the color of elements on the site, like blocks, buttons, some of the titles. Also, we used images of cameras our clients use in everyday work to decorate the site - this principle of modern website design as much as possible focuses the visitors on the main activities of the video production company.

Responsive web design for Media Active look great

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This is a pretty cool website with a great slogan: Let the Power of Video Work for you!!!
Great Design and easy to find information.

This website really shows you what the business is all about the second you open the website! Very creative and great design!

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