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We started to design a website for the non-medical home care company, “My Sister’s Choice”. They specialize in providing individualized support to seniors so that they may live independently and with a sense of dignity.

Our designers found the perfect metaphor for the elderly. It is a picture frame of different shapes that hold the most positive memories, as well as the warmth of family and loved ones. Therefore, our design is simple, intuitive, and designed for people with impaired vision.

At this stage, we designed the homepage and want to show you some pictures.

Developing website - home page design

Developing website - home page design and its mobile version

Homepage design and its mobile version are approved

Now, that the design of the home page is approved we are ready to begin. We paid close attention to creating a site that was simple, intuitive and designed for people with impaired vision.

Design of the website is simple and intuitive

Furthermore, we have created a mobile version of the website, and today we will tell you about why it is important for your site to look good on all devices.

Mobile version of the website, image 1

According to statistics:

  • Every fourth resident of the United States has one or more mobile devices;
  • Over the past 3 years, search queries from mobile devices have increased by 400%, and this number is growing every year;
  • Each third request to the sites is made from a mobile device.
  • A site without a mobile version becomes non-functional and uncomfortable for every other visitor and potential customer of your business. If a potential customer views a site that isn't adapted for mobile devices, they are very likely not to return there anymore.
  • Due to the weaker operating system on mobile, a site will take more time to load, all images will not be displayed correctly, etc. Development of a mobile version of the website and implementation of the responsive layout takes into addresses these features.

Mobile version of the website, image 2

Advantages of the mobile version of the site:

  • Responsive interface correctly displays all the necessary components of the site and puts the most important information to the forefront;
  • Opening the mobile version does not need a high-speed internet, a powerful operating system, or the presence of additional plug-ins;
  • The development of a mobile version of the site does not take much time and money;
  • The number of potential visitors will increase significantly since many users view the site in free time between daily concerns;
  • Google, Bing, and other search engines will promote sites to the top of the results list that has a mobile version of their site.

It doesn't matter where a visitor is and how he accesses the mobile version of the site, the fact is, that he will be more inclined to use your service if it's easy to navigate. Having a mobile version of your site is a step in the right direction.

Website design and development is now ready | Time to test the website

The website for the non-medical home care company My Sister’s Choice is ready. Now it’s time to test it in different browsers. 

Testing is the final stage of website development and plays a vital role in the creation of a wholesome and quality product. The more complex a site is, the more time it takes to test and debug it.

Testing is the final stage of website development, image 1

Second, clients will often have different browser preferences in which the site will be viewed. In order to save money now and time in the future, we test the site in several different browsers and in different versions of those browsers.

Thirdly, testing is especially important for exercising responsive sites and their mobile versions.

Throughout the testing phase, the specialists create and fill reports on identified errors. This report is transmitted to project participants, after which the project manager defines the responsibility for fixing each error. Next, they determine the timetable for the correction of these errors, and then test them again in order to control the quality of bug fixes, as well as to ensure the absence of new ones. This procedure is repeated until the site no longer contains problems or errors. That is why testing - such a long process.

Testing is the final stage of website development, image 2

Upon completion of testing, the project is ready for deployment on the server and complete. It will work efficiently and stably in order to carry out its business functions. This testing is the guarantor of restful sleep for both the customer and the website's development team.

If you want to sleep peacefully and get your website tested — Direct Line can help you with this.

Call our managers, tell them where you found out about us and get a discount!

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