Why Do You Need SEO Services For Your Business?

Why Do You Need SEO Services For Your Business?

Nowadays SEO Services

Nowadays no company can imagine successful business activity without representation on the Internet.  It may be a group in facebook, a page on any website catalogue or your own website. Advantages of the latter include an ability to implement any functionality and design that can help to increase conversion of the site, and therefore sales. Under conversion, it is understood as the ratio of number of users who became clients or who left any personal data on the site to the total number of users who came to the site. If the site is perceived as a window store, the better and more professional it is made, the greater attention of potential passing customers it will be able to attract. Still think you do not need SEO services?Material by SEOWhat is SEO?What is SEO?

Today there are some basic effective ways to generate the flow of passing customers (traffic):

  • Getting traffic from social networks
  • Taking direct shift over to the site
  • Getting traffic from search engines

Social networks traffic in SEO

Traffic from social networking today is a trend for many business spheres based on offers - it may be both new technologies and popular products at favorable prices that users rarely look for intentionally. Often they decide to buy such products based on emotion or a favorable marketing offer.

Such a way of attracting customers is modern, but quite expensive. For the successful attraction of customers, a business representative creates an advertisement or develops a page in social networks. The first method is quite expensive (rates for shift-over from such advertising sometimes reach $20 per click). The second method is long in terms of bringing about a direct result. You need to put in a lot of effort into the development, management and involvement of the audience on a social media account. Without professional help, it is almost impossible to make a working channel of traffic from social networks, and the implementation may require both serious financial and time investments for quality SEO services.

SEO traffic from Facebook

A direct shift-over traffic to the site. SEO Services

Direct moves to the site can be obtained mainly with the help of offline methods of advertisement such as TV advertising, Table-tents, roadside banners, radio and others. Direct traffic is also possible if users were once on your site and then came back again. This is possible if your website has a simple name and it is interesting to the user, or if the user has added it to their favourites. However, as in the case of social networks, it’s almost impossible to reach mass traffic by this method.

A direct traffic for website SEO promotion

Traffic from search engines. SEO Services

According to statistics, 87% of searches to any site on the internet are made from search engines. You could even say that each user's going to the Internet is accompanied by going to the site of a search engine. A search engine is a service that guides users to find the right information among all sites on the Internet. Search engines collect information from around the world in an automatic mode and arrange them in a fashion suited to show to a particular user, all with the help of complex algorithms and formulas.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) promotion service means optimization of content and structure of your site under algorithms of the main search engines, thereby raising the ranking of your site and its position in an overall search query. There’s simply no single book on how to do it, because the algorithms and formulas of search engines are hidden, constantly changing, and being created. However, every SEO-expert experiences and checks thousands of theories about the factors that influence ranking, each time checking the position of the site on the result of changes made, and therefore each specialist has a set of working methods to bring your site to the top while searching.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) raising in Google SERP

Result of SEO service such as promotion does not appear at once

However, update of positions in search systems does not happen immediately - robots, scanning sites across the world, simply do not have time to visit all sites with a speed of occurrence of innovations on them. That’s why, while the changes may not appear immediately, you can expect results of some edits for several months.

Why is UX important for business and SEO promotion?

Besides content and structural factors, SEO-experts recently have begun to notice a trend of site ranking on behavioral factors. If the user, moving to the site, closes it for some time, the search system understands that such a site is of little interest to the user, and therefore tries to reduce its position in search results. The presence of numerous moves on a site's internal pages, on the contrary, makes the site more attractive to potential users of the search engine, which gives a signal that the site is should be elevated in search engine result listings. It is therefore very important that the site is beautiful, comfortable and optimized. Only co-existence of all the factors mentioned above can give a really good result.

Why do we need a responsive design for SEO?

Thinking of why SEO Service for mobile devices is important? Specialists note site optimization for mobile devices as another very important factor in ranking. It’s connected with the fact that more than 70% of moves to sites today are made from a mobile device. Sites that are optimized for mobile devices have better behavioral characteristics, and thus are ranked higher than sites that are not optimized for mobile devices. The presence of two versions (desktop and mobile) of the site can not always have a positive effect on the SEO ranking because search system considers each page of each unique version that is bad for promotion in terms of duplicate content. Also support of multiple versions is a difficult task, as any changes made must be done to both sites at once. That’s why a responsive site design is ideal for successful promotion. You shouldn’t confuse responsive design with an adaptive one. Responsive design means adaptive - in this case, the site is correctly displayed on different screens, but the move from one site size to another goes more smoothly and correctly in responsive work, allowing it to display the site in the full size of a screen on all kinds of devices, increasing behavioral factors and is beneficial to the site's promotion. In the case of a simple adaptive design of a site on some devices (and today the number of different screen sizes of mobile devices reaches thousands) the site can be displayed either with too big letters or empty spaces from different sides, which is inconvenient and messy.

Traffic from search engines can be really profitable and inexpensive because the costs of website promotion in search systems does not have to have the characteristic "pay per click". You gradually invest in the development of your site, and then the site, reaching a certain place in search systems, simply remains practically unchanged. Of course, the founders of other sites also monitor their positions and try to optimize their site for search systems, so SEO-service after the end of SEO-site optimization is also considered an important service.

So today, SEO-promotion, completed with a good and modern site is able to give your business a great stream of customers with minimal investments. Traffic from search systems is today the best channel to attract users to the site and it will remain such for a long time. Direct Line Development's professionals can arrange a great stream of customers to your business from the Internet. We’ll help to make a beautiful and effective website and also promote it successfully with the help of any method that’s of interest to you.

Mobile devices is one of important factor for SEO


Out of three ways to bring traffic, the direct shift-over seems to be the most desirable, but it's probably difficult to attain as it depends on the domain authority in addition to great marketing of a name and logo.

I like this article because it is important to note that Google is constantly changing their algorithms which makes proper SEO an ongoing process that needs to be done right.

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