PA Driver’s License Practice Test concept

PA Driver’s License Practice Test concept

Website Design for PA Driver’s License Practice mobile app

Thousands of people have accomplished the feat of obtaining their driver's license. To do this, many different methods of studying exist, including mobile apps. Here, we have revamped the design of one (PA Driver’s License Practice Test)to better enhance the user experience. 


I installed the application and began my training. While I had been using the application, I began to notice a variety of problems and shortcomings. From common things, I noted that the structure of the application was not clear to me: there is only one button that immediately sends user to the test. In my opinion, it wouldn't hurt to have an intro that quickly acquaints the user with the application. By clicking “about” I saw a tiny amount of text and some links that lead to 404 pages.

Old web design for PA Driver’s License Practice mobile app


The first thing I decided to change was the addition of a menu bottom and thus, got rid of the linear script interaction. Also on the home screen, I placed two buttons "start" and "continue" ("Continue" button is shown only if there is progress test).

Comparison of old and new PA Driver’s License Practice web design img 1


The section with the test looks rough and messy. It can be easily improved by using the right typography and corrected positioning of images. Here we can take the same course of action as is done with the sleek and modern design of iTunes - the color of the background is taken from the image that is used in the question. I made pictures with two examples that you can assess how it might look.

Comparison of old and new PA Driver’s License Practice web design img 2Comparison of old and new PA Driver’s License Practice web design img 3

Test results

Everything looks uncomfortable and out of place! It is entirely unclear as to which answers are correct and which are incorrect. We decided to give the colored headers to the question numbers, red to the incorrect answer choices, and green to the correct answer choices. Visually, each question is separated from each other and now it is easy to read. The two lower buttons on the original design lead to page 404 errors. The "share" button displays an awkward pop-up window. I decided to replace these with the "share in Facebook" option upon receipt of all results.

Comparison of old and new PA Driver’s License Practice web design img 4

High Scores

I rearranged the visual design of the screen. The button "clear scores" was removed because I thought that this was a superfluous function. Plus it was also an unappealing giant orange button. In accordance with modern design trends, now you simply swipe across a score on the screen and your action options appear.

Comparison of old and new PA Driver’s License Practice web design img 5

This is only a quick, surface-level audit of this application. On real projects, our designers and developers employ much deeper analyses of UX and functionality issues and their solutions. If you are interested in developing or revamping your own application, Direct Line Development can help!

Call our managers, tell them where you found out about us to get a discount!


Such a great idea, I'd definitely use this app! It has a nice and user-friendly design and helps you to prepare for your driver's license exam.

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