Pals’ Quest for Web Design Inspiration

Pals’ Quest for Web Design Inspiration

Pals is a popular landscape management company; and for a long time, they were only missing one very important thing...  a bit of web design inspiration. Although the success of the business certainly depends on the high quality work that they do, the company recently decided they time had come to make some changes. They wanted to bring Pals to the 21st century to attract a new clientele. In other words, Pals was determined to make its first appearance on the Internet by building a company website with an attractive and strong custom website design.This is the reason why they turned to us.

2 versions of the PALS home page designPrototypes for PALS website pagesUnique web design for different PALS pagesPALS contacts, contributions and awards pagesResponsive web design of PALS website

By the time Pals made a decision to make its Internet debut, it had already become a well-established company. The brand was there and so was their image.Our job was to incorporate the already existing essence of the company into a beautiful website design. As our web design professionals went to work, they looked at Pals’ company image as a source of web-design inspiration.

If we had to describe the final product in one word, we would have to say it was adaptive. Every aspect of the website we built for Pals landscape management business represents the company in the best way possible.

Final version of PALS website on laptopMobile version of the PALS sitePALS website looks great on all devices

The new Pals Landscape Management site is filled with bright, rich colors, that represents the close relationship between this business and nature. Other companies may opt for different designs. A computer software company, for example, may choose a modern website design. Whereas, a store that sells furniture might determine that a simple website design is the most fitting. Every special company personality provides unique web design inspiration.

To reinforce Pals’ landscaping theme, our design professionals included a wide array of contrasting shapes and images. Each one was custom picked to match the personality of the Pals company. Right angles symbolize order and organization.The addition of a zigzag shape gives the site a sense of playfulness and modernity. As a final touch, we added a number of large, high quality photos. These added even more aesthetic appeal to the site. The overall result is a really cool website design, which captures the very aspect of Pals’ landscaping company. We’re happy, and our client is too.


Hey I used to work for this company! This design is definitely on the way to reflecting the quality of work that this business is capable of.

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