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Why Correct Photoselection Is Important For The Website Design?

Why Correct Photoselection Is Important For The Website Design?

Website Design Importance

Most people in today's day and age understand the importance of having their own website with good website design made by professionals. However, some believe that just having a website is enough and never take the next step. There is a vast number of websites that are "just for show". These websites tend to be very basic, not easy to navigate, and not aesthetically pleasing. Potential customers are now using a company's website to determine if that company will receive their business or not. In order to meet the ever-changing customer requirements of a business, it is becoming necessary to have  a website that not only has updated content but is also easy to use and visually pleasing.

Website Design and Photoselection

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The first impression of a business is the most important. This is greatly affected by a quality of the business's website design.The website design is much more than just placement and color scheme. The website design is also how the information is being presented. The quality of the content is also very important. It is better to be clear and concise than to be long winded for the sake of filling up space. Most people do not want to read a paragraph, they want to find the information they are looking for easily and quickly. Including a photograph, for example, is a great way to visually communicate a message with a customer. A photograph is quick to look at and if used correctly the customer can understand the message in an easy fashion. If the customer is frustrated because the website will not work or they can not find the content that they were looking for, chances are that they will take their business elsewhere.

An example of how a photograph can impact a company's website can be seen with "Steiner, Segal, Muller and Donan". Their work consists of legal representation for both injured and disabled people. The selection of appropriate pictures that would best convey their message became a top priority. They found that having the correct pictures allowed for their potential customers to better understand their business than any words could.

How to select photos wich suit your Website Design?

1. Have pictures of your business and staff.

Photos of your staff, your office, and/or the interior of the store will help "break the ice". These photos create more of a comforting feeling for the potential customer as if they already know you. This is especially relevant for small businesses, that do not have a well-known reputation.

Photoselection - use photos of your staff, your office, or the interior for website

2. Photos should talk not only about your company.

Choose images that show how you can benefit the customer. It is important that the customer understands the value of doing business with your company. The ideal photo will be with real clients, made by a professional photographer, but if this is not possible, try to create the right impression by using stock photos.

 Photoselection - the ideal photo for your website it's photo with real clients

3. Avoid photos that appear staged.

Artificial photos convey the wrong message and may discourage a potential customer. Try and use photos that are taken during a time of real emotion, this allows the potential customer to see the excitement that can come from working with your business.

4. Make sure that all images are in the same style.

Similar to clothing in the design, the principle of the unity of style is important. Pay attention to the colors of the photos, the service, and the quality of images. All of these should fit together in order to create the whole picture.

5. Add pictures with people to your website.

This is a proven way to attract attention and attract visitors to the website. Choose a model for your photos, guided by the taste preferences of your target audience.

Photoselection - carefully select models for photos for your website

6. Use only licensed images.

Do not risk your reputation and money in pursuit of negligible benefit. On the Internet, there are many resources that offer fashionable and free pictures for commercial use.

If you need help with the selection of pictures that best suit your website design in Philadelphia, Denver, or Austin, Direct Line can help you with this.

Photoselection - use only licensed the image for your website design

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2nd April 2018

A lot of people underestimate the importance of having nice high-quality images of their website and it is becoming even more important nowadays when the level of competition online is extremely high and to make sure your website stands out having great pictures is a must.

12th June 2018

We've all seen a website with blurry or misplaced images and just wondered "who designed this thing?" Having quality pictures is highly underrated.

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