A responsive website for Salvatori Law Office

A responsive website for Salvatori Law Office

Salvatori Law Office is your legal representative in Florida with a wide practice area that includes Business Law, Construction Law, Commercial Financing, Corporate, LLCs, Partnerships, Real Estate, and Real Estate Development. If you are looking for a creative and flexible solution to your problem related to transaction in real estate area, Salvatori has deep experience in this matters.

As they represent both borrowers and lenders on transaction, they wanted a responsive website that would represent them online as good as they provide their services. They contacted our web studio Direct Line Development and asked us to create a light contemporary website for them.

First variants of Salvatori web designSecond variants of Salvatori web design

The whole web development process is shown below, so you can learn every step in detail. To get more additional information, read the case of Salvatori Law Office.

Website idea and prototyping

Consistency and accuracy are two essential approaches in legal practice. That means that the website should encompass these principles and have minimum destructive elements and transitions and maximum information. These elements correlate with the UX/UI design trends which is very important for a successful website. Taking it as a core idea for the website we started the process of the site creating.

As our client wanted a small and modern website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, we started prototyping the main page. After the client approved its prototype, we switched to developing informational structure of internal pages. And in the end we had 6 prototypes for the website.

Prototype for Salvatory website

Responsive web design

When talking of a modern website, everyone expects to browse it on a desktop computer as well as on their smartphones without loss of quality. We at Direct Line follow high-quality standards of web development and provide our clients with responsive websites and Salvatori Law Office is not an exception.

Responsive web design of Salvatory law firm

Thus, wherever their potential clients are, they can easily enter the site and find all information they need using just their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Making sure the website meets all responsive requirements is a crucial factor in user experience. The site was adapted to any screen resolution of such devices, so users won’t feel any sort of inconveniences when scrolling and reading.    

Final version

As a result our client received a smart design of a responsive website that is user-friendly and intuitive. We developed 6 layouts and we thoroughly ‘polished’ each of them. So we completed the task and our client was happy the results.

Salvatory website final version on the laptop

On the top of the website, users can find the navigation menu and company’s contact information to its right. It will help them avoid rambling on the site and it forefronts the information the company tries to give and if any questions arise, they can call for a consultation.

As you can see our web studio always listens to wants of our clients and achieves the best results. We are the company you can entrust to create a responsive website for you and your business needs by following UX/UI trends of 2018.


Really taking the time to listen to the client, and make a usable, clean web site, makes users feel welcome and get to the information they need quickly.

Great Looking site created for Salvatori Law!!! The design is clean, modern and efficient, giving the website a great modern look and feel. It looks extremely professional making any future visitor wanting to do business with them.
Great Job!!!

I am a sucker for contrast, the way this site is designed in terms of simply the colors really sets everything off for me. Greyscale with accents and hints of other rich colors gives that noticeable touches to lead my eyes where they need to go. i.e. how easy it is to find my way around the site.

Great design and sharp looking sight. Look forward to seeing the results for Salvatori Law!

Wow. Who would have thought that you could make such a great design for a Law Office. I could see people browsing through this site.

6 prototypes before deciding on one, that's a lot of work! I like the use of colors, makes it look very professional and credible.

This is an outstanding design! I think it is great that you offer more than just one prototypes so you can see what your client likes and what they do not like!

I love the behind-the-scenes process of designing and building things like this site.

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