Results-Based SEO Campaign: Accountability at its Finest

Results-Based SEO Campaign: Accountability at its Finest

How Your Free Website Will Generate More Traffic, Risk-Free!

As business owners, we’ve heard it all. “I am a Google specialist, I’ll bring you to first place in Google next week!” or “I guarantee that you will earn the money you are paying me back by more than double!” The list goes on when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and their marketers. We can distil these two common phrases into two truths about SEO services: you are either dealing with a phony service, or you will be paying exorbitant amounts of money based on a somewhat speculative decision. What if we told you that we found a way to take the risk of SEO out of the equation and just left you with solid results that have already paid themselves off? Well, that’s exactly what we’ve done. Material by SEOWhat is SEO?What is SEO?Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization

Direct Line Development, the finest website design and search engine optimization company in Philadelphia, Denver, and Austin, is launching a new program that allows users to organically promote their sites on Google, without the stress of paying loads of money and seeing nothing in return. Our system is simple: we build you a core of keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business and analyze the competitiveness of each word (how many searches each word receives per month). From these results, we create a table that shows the price you would pay for each word based on its competitiveness and on which position it Google it appears.

You Pay Nothing Until We Bring You To The Top Of Google

It gets even better: You pay nothing until we bring your keywords to the top of Google’s result rankings. At this point, you can already expect to see an increase in targeted traffic to your website. Up until this point, we have been discussing keywords as the method by which we optimize your site for search engines. This is but a small portion of the amount of work that goes into increasing your site rankings. Direct Line Development will work the code to ensure that your site loads quickly, is preferred by Google’s algorithms, and is completely mobile responsive. We will establish a conversion-based design, keeping users on the page longer, clicking relevant links, and getting in contact with you as easily as possible. A full list of the methods by which we promote your website will be discussed during your preliminary consultation meeting with one of representatives.

We Build You A Website Absolutely Free

Direct Line Development will build you a fully responsive website completely free of charge. Your website will have a fresh design, mobile capabilities, and capture the true essence of your business and its message. You may be thinking at this point, “what’s in it for them?” and that is a fair question with a simple answer: your success is our success. The fact of the matter is, if we can increase the traffic influx to your site and grow your business all without you taking any risk, our own business will inevitably grow as a result. It’s all about accountability. That’s core of this new system. We don’t want you to pay for anything based on speculation. We want you to see the sheer talent of our company’s promotion methodologies work for you.

An Example of A Typical Payment Structure

As you can see in the table below, keywords are organized by their competitiveness and where they appear on Google, and are priced accordingly. We should also mention that you are free to cap your monthly payments so that you do not spend more than you wish if we bring your website to the top for too many keywords. See below:

SEO requests from customers

The above numbers are based on a predetermined region of influence in which the business would like to promote their services. We typically operate within the Greater Philadelphia/ Delaware Valley, Denver, and Austin regions, but are successful with campaigns in varying locations.

So, are you ready to get started? Contact us today and we will set up a meeting with a consultant to discuss this opportunity. We look forward to working with you and growing your business one page at a time!


This is an amazing offer! Not only you could get more traffic to your existing website, but you can also get a brand new fast website with a modern user-friendly design for free. You can't beat this deal.

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