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SEO & Internet Marketing | LinkedIn

Internet Marketing is a must for SEO

When formulating a social media marketing strategy, do not forget about the SEO value it provides your site. People often forget about targeting social networks,  such as LinkedIn, which are specifically geared towards building professional relationships. Not to harp on it too much, but most people do not see the value of creating and maintaining a social media account, so they simply don't have any, but they would better have it. It is easy to post all your company news, fresh articles from your corporate blog and attract professionals who are interested in your sphere of business. If you are a simple downshifter, then no, you shouldn't invest your time in social media. If, however, you are someone who works and lives in a thriving city, and the thought of having to go a day without your office and laptop makes you sick, then LinkedIn is your best friend.

If your company is in the B2C sector, i t would be a lie to say that LinkedIn wouldn't help to increase your overall growth and strengthen your customer relations. If you are a small retail business, trying to promote your new service or are a startup, Linkedin can really help your business to grow. In all of these situations, it is a must to maintain a LinkedIn profile in order to increase brand awareness and even find potential employees.

Social networks are important part in seo and internet marketing

Network For Professionals | SEO and Internet Marketing

Although this social network is comprised of only simple features such as community creation, or posts with a video or photo, it is not for entertainment like Instagram of Facebook. Instead, LinkedIn is a professional network for professional people. It offers outlets for serious discussion while deeming all unofficial content as illegitimate and laughable.

Of course, gaining new contacts and building relationships with other professionals is how Linkedin provides its true value. The more people in your network, the broader your reach and relevance. Aside from building your community directly, there are other more subtle methods by which one can promote and enhance their name or brand in search engines too.

Linkedin is a good tool for seo and internet marketing

Start Working On Your Marketing & SEO Now!

To start your marketing on LinkedIn you need:

To post relevant statuses — professional posts and links to off-site resources with targeted articles

It's not always effective to only post news about your company, because no matter how witty or interesting you may find it to be, it may bore those in your circle of contacts. Similarly, only posting information about various stocks, discounts, deals, and New Years offers for your company may be negatively  perceived. 

In every business, there is a key strategy from which you can operate for hours and upon which you can consistently modify and improve. It is unique to you and your company. Talk about this process and make your audience understand that you are a professional in your field and that your company helps customers solve their problems. Do this skillfully and elegantly and it will help not only to improve your Internet Marketing situation but also improve your SEO. 

To be fully engaged in the community life

You are surrounded by like-minded professionals. When you find someone expressing something essential to your business or that peaks your interest, press the "Like" button and leave plenty of comments that demonstrate your expertise and create thoughtful discussion. Soon your posts will attract attention from others and earn you the respect and legitimacy you desire from your customers. Remember, that you are also surrounded by potential partners. Do away with blatantly attempting to promote your services. This technique no longer works and is outdated. Instead, become an expert and people will reach out to you.

Social networks in your seo and internet marketing

To expand your perspective

We live in a world where businesses are closely related and dependent on one another. Software companies can't function without effective communication media and up-to-date hardware. Furniture manufacturers can't develop their goods without good transportation companies. As soon as you feel as though you've hit the wall, and you've networked with all the proper business outlets and opportunities in your area, you will need to expand your horizons and scope of activity. It may sound crazy, but the most successful businesses are those who are able to intelligently redefine their goals and missions.

To setup Applications (Slideshare, RSS, Twitter, etc)

The broader the reach you have on your networks, the higher your presence will be in search engines. The higher this presence, the more contact points you will have with customers, which means more revenue for your business. Therefore, all-around and mutual integration are considered very important. If you find that you frequently record podcasts or create presentations, link the proper applications together and connect these channels. It doesn't matter whether it's YouTube, Slideshare, or any other outlet where fellow professionals are located, the point is that you must not forget to utilize cross integration services because it is one the key factors for your SEO and Internet Marketing campaigns. Tell the world about your company and its techniques. You may feel that talking about certain things are just boring, common details of no importance, but we assure you that even the smallest details can go a long way for gaining recognition and prestige, especially if what you offer is of high quality.

Limitations Material by SEOWhat is SEO?What is SEO?Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization

To maintain its status as a professional network platform, LinkedIn only allows its members to follow up to 3000 people. Do not overdo the amount of requests you send to others, for you may be reported as spam. Instead, try to choose people with similar interests or spheres of activity and who are close to you geographically. If you do end up reaching your contact limit, you should submit a support request. If it is determined that your high amount of contacts was not the result of spam, you will be awarded more room for contacts. Otherwise, your request could be denied for an indefinite amount of time.

Do not rush when making contacts, because such activity could quickly get your profile flagged. If it is flagged, for this reason, you will be able to unlock it by yourself the first time, but the second time you will not be able to. This is why we advise that, if you receive this warning, be more careful and selective in the future.

More often than not, accounts are blocked because users will press the "I don't know this person" option. To avoid this, supplement your friend request with casual, friendly comments and/ or photos to assure the person you are friending, that you are who you say you are. You shouldn't be afraid to ask for help directly or to genuinely share that you like a particular aspect of a person's business. The most important thing is to write to the person in a manner that they wouldn't refuse your request. There is no point in lying or uploading fake images. LinkedIn is a professional atmosphere in which one should behave in a professional and civil manner.

We should also mention that if you end up being blocked more than once, your user pic for your account must be deleted and replaced. A third offense, however, results in the permanent deletion of your user photo.

Joining various groups of need is also preferable to boost your LinkedIn experience. It's foolish to join groups that have a low number of followers or groups that have more competition than potential business. We should also note that the number of groups you may join is strictly limited to 50. You should also be aware that by carelessly joining groups, you may be presenting yourself as an amateur rather than a professional. Give each membership selection careful consideration before committing.

Account on social networks for seo and internet marketing improvement

Correct marketing strategy

Don't even think of wedging your company's advertisements everywhere you possibly can. Promote your company only by promoting yourself and your own experience. People today are fed up with the standard ways of promotion that come off as spam. Do yourself and your company a favor by avoiding these methods.

The correct marketing strategy should entail the following:

  • You create or refer to the professional relevant content
  • You are fully engaged with the contacts in your network, try to meet with useful and interesting people, interact with everybody personally, and pay individual attention to everyone.
  • You are fully engaged in events of the communities of your professional matters
  • You try to find partners and friends, people who are close to your professional field or interests.

The evident disadvantages to avoid:

  • Spam
  • Drive up the numbers
  • Any advertisement
  • Join trash groups
  • Following everyone and his dog 
  • Bulk following instead of direct

It is really hard to grow a strong account on such networks for Internet Marketing & SEO improvement. This takes your energy, time, some investments, and a definite level of competence. By following this advice you can quickly build an effective online professional network which will also be SEO optimized.

To sum up, we'd like to point out one main thing — by joining a network of real professionals, you have to abide by the rules and ethics of the community, as a real professional.


Very useful article. A lot of people underestimate the importance of LinkedIn and the advantages which that network can give to their business and overall online marketing strategy.

Great article describing how to use Linkedin. When working with a professional network Linkedin is a must. You must maintain a professional appearance and give your network relevant information that they can use and apply in their day to day. You must be the trusted adviser when it pertains to your field. This will create brand awareness and you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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