SEO trends of 2018 you must be doing

SEO trends of 2018 you must be doing

Today we are going to review the SEO trends that will bring your website to the top of search results in 2018. But before that, we need to understand how search engines like Google work. When typing in the name of a company, an actor or a product into Google's search box, it takes milliseconds to get your search list from Google. The search engine knows all the words you have just typed except it does not know the context of the search that you are looking for or the right prioritization of the source. That is why, for a successful promotion of your website, it is necessary to slightly push the search engines in the right direction to help them find your website. This is what SEO deals with. Learn about how to promote your own website and reach higher rankings in the listings.

As you can see search engine optimization is very important for any business site. An ongoing process of search engine development has its impact on a website's optimization. SEO specialists have to look for new tricks and techniques to promote a website. For instance, Google algorithms take into account not only keywords but context as well. This means that decent sites filled with quality textual information will be well-liked and therefore better promoted by the search engines.  

SEO trends in 2018

Let’s have a look at what 2018 will bring new to us in search engine optimization and what will remain effective.  

Link building without links

In 2018 no SEO specialist will give up on link building as a promotional tool because search engines still treat links as a display of popularity and importance. There two types of efficient link building that can be distinguished:

  • Natural links. This type of links don’t require any specific action from SEO specialists  They are simply given by websites that want to refer to your website or content.  
  • Outreach links. The links that SEO specialists get by contacting bloggers or any useful resource owner for links.

Link building strategies

However, there is a possibility that this method will involve some changes. The search engines may start to notice a mention of the company’s name on a public website even if it is not an anchor link.

Youtube as a platform for your link building

Youtube is the second biggest search engine and entertainment platform where anyone can share their videos for free. It is very popular, so why not select this free video hosting source and use it for the sake of your business? It is not a new technique but it is still effective and we can’t neglect the fact that there is an exorbitant amount of traffic that can be driven to your site from Youtube.
Your youtube videos can help to generate more organic traffic and to drive it to your website which, of course, improves its ranking on Google. As additional benefit, you may also increase your brand identity and recognition, which is something every business needs. Animated video is a great way to promote your business on Youtube.

When you know who your target audience is and what your customers want it will be an easy task to define what content your youtube channel will house and with what format. There are plenty of options:

  • Blogging
  • Explainer-videos
  • Promo-videos
  • How-to's

People will watch a video that overviews and explains why they need your product or service. Everyone wants to watch engaging content and not just commercials.

Youtube promotion in 2018

Youtube videos increase your prospect-to-client conversion rate. Researches showcase that customers are more likely to purchase services and products after watching video reviews and how-to videos on them. Your video overviews on the product can push people to make a decision that leads to them to purchase your product.

Mobile-first, desktop-second

This is an intricate piece of the web development process rather than an SEO technique. Nevertheless, the mobile-first principle can boost your website’s Google ranking. According to the latest statistics about how mobile traffic is increasingly surpassing desktop, which make the mobile-first principle a surefire SEO trend of 2018 and years to come. If your website is not adapted to mobile devices, you likely lose at least 60% of potential traffic. There are four simple rules simple to make a truly effective site. Additionally, Google announced the launch of mobile-first indexing. What does that mean? Simply put, now Google will treat a mobile version of your website as primary. Non-adaptive websites’ Google rankings will be lower than the second page of Google when already no one goes past the first. Given the fact that the indexing has not been fully implemented yet, it can happen at any moment and you need to keep this in mind to avoid problems in the near future.

Voice search

How often do you hear the phrase ‘Ok Google’, 'Amazon...' or 'Siri' nowadays? It is obvious that tools such as voice search gains more popularity every day among people of all ages because of its simplicity of use. If you want your website to create tangible benefits, you should optimize it to tailor to the most popular voice searches. Most of them are questions and that needs to be taken into account when creating content. Anyway, the number of voice searches is still relatively small but it keeps growing and takes the same amount of time to adapt sites to them. 

Voice search trend for SEO success

Good content and usability

While Google is integrating mobile-first indexing, you should be prepared. Content will continue to be of vital importance. Regardless of the fact that screen sizes of mobile devices grow, they still provide limited space for content, forcing more focus onto it. That means that you first need to get your website's content in order, making it easy-to-read and engaging to visitors otherwise they will simply leave your website, increasing its bounce rate and giving a signal to Google that your site contains poor content. Will it influence its ranking in search engines? Yes… but negatively. Material by SEOThe Differences Between Black Hat and White Hat SEOThe Differences Between Black Hat and White Hat SEOHow Search Engine Optimization Companies Lie To UsHow Search Engine Optimization Companies Lie To Us

Eye-catching design and content are paramount to the criteria that users evaluate your site by. To attract more users your website should be informative and useful for your target audience. Our company specializes in creating the most interactive and attractive website designs.

The information published on your website should be a good read which means that writing quality articles becomes a crucial task. Users shouldn’t be confused by the content, it has to be readable and understandable. In this case, your main goal is to make the user explore your website and stay on it as long as possible. To accomplish this you should vary your content by adding interesting videos, infographics, interactive blocks, etc. They will help users easier analyze the information you want them to find. Search engines take these elements into account as well.  

Positive feedback

Believe or not, another SEO trend is your customer’s feedback. Feedback is vital to every business. It helps people to determine the quality of a product or service and the company itself. The same happens in different parts of our life. For example, when choosing a destination to go on holidays we likely will choose that place where our friends or relatives were last time. Here, our choice is simply based on shared positive emotions they experienced there. Customer's feedback is what helps other customers make decisions. In this case, your website should perform fast, it should be usable and have interesting content and design in order to get a positive review on the information in your website and its productivity.

Yelp in SEO trends

You also can use services like Google Alerts that notify you about all the mentions of your company in articles or posts. That can be quite useful for your promotion because if they mentioned how good your company is, you can contact the source owner and ask to add a link to your site.  

Bottom Line

Constant changes and development of search engines algorithms and technologies create the need for SEO specialists to innovate new and creative ways to successfully promote a website. Monitoring your competitors and the biggest players can lead to incredible success. It will help stay in tune with current SEO trends as well. Most methods will keep their power and potential in 2018 and any sort of seismic changes in Google and other search engines are not expected. We can highlight only a few interesting SEO trends like link building, readable content and mobile-first approach. These are must-haves for any skill-set of SEO specialists.

Having a website is a half the battle. To win the battle and achieve your business goals your website should have a solid position in Google searches. If you cannot find the right solution to solve this problem by your own efforts, you need experts in this field who know how it should be done. Direct Line Development, a professional web development company, is always at your service. A promotion of business websites for companies is one of the services that we provide. Don't forget to write us in the comments section if you like our article on SEO trends in 2018 or have any questions about them.


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