Service for Restaurants "Restaurant Chief"

Service for Restaurants "Restaurant Chief"

Today, visiting restaurants is available not only to successful businessmen and politicians, but for everyone. Dinner at a restaurant has become an everyday action in lives of many people, and food delivery has become commonplace for every consumer. The same can be said about the use of the Internet, personal computers and mobile devices. That is why today most restaurants and cafes have their own websites. But if you ask the restaurateur how difficult and expensive it was to create and launch their website, you will hear a satisfied response.

Direct Line Development has solved this problem in its own way. We have developed a new product for small and medium-sized businesses — "Restaurant Chief", which allows clients to create websites for their restaurants not only quickly and simply, but with extreme control and flexibility. With the help of this service, every restaurant can create its own website with an amazing design, support for all mobile devices and PCs, usability and completeness, and relevant information about the restaurant.

The main advantages of this service are the following:

  • The process of creating a site is as simple as possible;
  • Adding and changing content is done instantly with the help of the user-friendly Content Management System - everything is native and intuitive;
  • Launching of the website takes only one day - Restaurant Chief completely cuts out the waiting time for the site to be developed;
  • It is the cheapest way to have a website for your restaurant.

This is a Pizzeria & Grill restaurant.

Website Design and Development for "Restaurant Chef"restaurant img 1

Just take a look at a website for a Coffee House. Everything looks cozy and inviting.

Website Design and Development for "Restaurant Chef"restaurant img 2

And here is a Steak House. Doesn’t that look appetizing?

Website Design and Development for "Restaurant Chef"restaurant img 3

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It seems like an amazing idea. A lot of small local businesses don't have extra money to spend on custom website, but they do need to have a website in general because it is critical for any bussiness to have a website nowadays. Restaurant Chef gives them an opportunity to have a nice, modern, and responsive website for an affordable price

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