Landing page web development for an English teacher

Landing page web development for an English teacher

Web development it is important for any company. Even if you have small business, you should promote your products, services and company via Internet. It is easier and financially more attractive than competing with large companies offline. Moreover, it is cheaper to develop a landing page rather then spending a lot of money on other promotional activities. Results given from landing page development are the same as if you have a multi-page or ecommerce website.

You can read the text below to see how we developed a website for an English teacher. Also, you might want to check the case of the Speak Write Play to see more details about the development process.

Website Design and Development

Our team of designers recently finished the work on creating a landing page for an English teacher. Speak Write Play is not a multi-page resource, but a single-page website. This kind of a site is the best solution for the purposes of small businesses rather than for big firms.

We located all the necessary information about the services on one page including two call-to-action buttons. There is no menu and tabs on the site but only important data in short.

Website Design and Development

How a good web development of a landing page affect business?

First and foremost, a landing page is always considered to be the best showcase for promoting products and services online. Its eye-catching structure does not bother visitors, give an overview of the company and attracts users.

Secondly, an effective landing page is always Related MaterialsResponsive web design for the construction company Lynmar BuildersResponsive web design for the construction company Lynmar Builders a result of the effective collaboration of several professionals (project managers, designers, developers, copywriters, analysts). That is why it is significant to entrust web development to top experts.

The major function of a landing page is to make visitors become real customers with a maximum conversion rate. For this very reason, we added a video presentation of the English teacher’s services to the landing page Speak Write Play and reviews of real clients. These options will increase the level of customers confidence.

The site appeared to be tender, with calm colors and smooth squares. The web design is responsive which is very comfortable when viewing it via different mobile devices and platforms.

If you need an effective web development for your business, Direct Line Development will be glad to help you at an affordable cost. Our pricing is simple and concise. Just give us call and tell about where you found out about our agency - you will get a discount!

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