Unique, Fresh Web Development to Showcase Evolut Products

Unique, Fresh Web Development to Showcase Evolut Products

Beauty product company, Evolut, approached Direct Line Development about web development for their website. We first met with the client to discuss their requirements and to learn more about their product so that we could come up with the best prototypes for their business. We then conducted a thorough analysis of sites to understand the customer’s unique and innovative products and offerings.

Innovative Russian company, M9, created the Evolut project since they specialize in the production of nanoparticles for a wide range of applications. Evolut’s aim is to show the public the effectiveness and accessibility of nanotechnology.

We set to work creating prototypes and designs of the customer’s e-store. Evolut produces antibacterial products that contain silver nanoparticles which is a new way of controlling microorganisms and bacteria without needing antibiotics or antibacterial agents. This means that with Evolut’s products, customers will be able to reduce the need for antibiotics in their home. With such ground-breaking ingredients, we felt it was necessary to emphasize the customer’s product and qualities.

Once we had created prototypes of the online store, we then changed the structure so that the site would display properly across all devices and browsers. The web design process was a complicated one as we needed to choose a highly creative plan that would do justice to the products. Once we had created the responsive design, we passed it on to the developers and we now await the alpha version of the updated, fresh, and unique site.

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