64 Tips and Tricks Your Site Needs For Successful SEO Promotion in 2018

64 Tips and Tricks Your Site Needs For Successful SEO Promotion in 2018

As we often say (and will continue to say), search engine optimization is not one simple flip of a switch that drives traffic to your website. Rather, it is a series of multiple intricate techniques that, when used together in a sophisticated and methodical manner, can bring organic visitors to your site for years and years, filling your pockets along the way. This is why it is important to have a basic understanding of what SEO is. Take note that this article will be constantly updated and maintained as our research team develops even more techniques used to boost the results of your SEO endeavors. Each tip and trick is described briefly, but should you find yourself curious and/ or confused by anything enumerated below, feel free to leave a question in the comments below and an expert will get back to you right away with an in depth answer and description.

Everything you find in the list below has been tested and implemented on real websites created by one of Philadelphia’s best online marketing companies, Direct Line Development. We take pride in our work and the results that our customers receive. We hope that by implementing any or all of the items below, you too can reach top ranks in search engine result listings.

Tips and Tricks For The Best SEO Results

  1. Your site as well as its individual pages should both be equally useful to the internet even when used separately. They must bring something new and of sustenance.
  2. Before you begin any website promotion or online marketing efforts, it is incredibly important that you develop a semantic core and understand which keywords and phrases will work best for your business and your goals. If this preliminary step is done incorrectly, all the work you put in after will mean nothing.

Full semantic core for the best SEO promotion

  1. Not only do you need to understand the words that you have compiled in your semantic core, but you must also understand the so-called “tails” to these words. That is, you must also have a firm grasp on the rest of the content that follows your keywords and phrases in order to show Google that you website is relevant to a particular topic so that your results are organic in nature and your visitors are satisfied with the page (your website) that Google has given them for their particular search submission.
  2. For the best results, each keyword or phrase should be given its own page on the website. For example “web design, website design ideas, best web development companies.”
  3. Nesting. This is huge for the successful optimization of your website. Nesting is just what it sounds like: you have a main page, then a subsection, then possibly even further subsections after that. The goal is to filter the user into the most specific topic of interest as you can. For example: main > services > web design > responsive web design.
  4. Internal linking must be used wherever possible. This is the process by which other relevant keywords that are present on your website and linked to throughout your site’s pages. It not only provides users with easy navigation throughout the entire site and what it offers, but it also keeps them on the site for longer, boosting the rank at which Google will place you.
  5. It’s better to have a site with 30 well-optimized pages than to have a site with 130 pages and not optimize 100 of them.

  6. Clever SEO artistry is sure to leave Breadcrumbs wherever possible…

  7. Be sure not to overuse any particular keyword or phrase on a single page. Too much of one particular word will leave Google thinking that your website is not organic AKA spam. The ideal usage count should hover around 2-5% of the total words on the page.
  8. When promoting anything on a website, the text used in the content must be entirely unique. Copying text from other pages or other websites will again leave you with the red stamp of spam, the kiss of death for any online marketing endeavor. Your website's content is one of the most important aspects of SEO. 
  9. It is an excellent idea to include the use of videos on your site. The videos keep users engaged and allow for additional optimization efforts. If anything, at least include them on the pages with the keywords and phrases you seek to promote.

Video presentation on landing page of The Restaurant Chief

  1. If you find yourself writing out content on a particular page for a keyword and notice it would be possible for you to create a table instead of a paragraph, do it. Google and people alike love tables.
  2. You should always include the word you wish to promote in the URL of the page. For example: https://directlinedev.com/web-design/
  3. When nesting your pages, be sure not to nest your target promotion page further than the second subsection. For example: https://directlinedev.com/web-design/website-design-ideas/

A second level URL for the most effective SEO

  1. When creating content for your website it is best to include the keyword in the title of the page, and that entire title should not exceed 70 characters in its length..
  2. To get the most out of the internet, the title should also include the region in which you operate. For example: Website Development in Philadelphia.
  3. Just like the rest of the content on your business’s website, the title should be 100% unique.
  4. Every page must include a description, as it is output to the SERP.
  5. When writing the description, take into account that you are communicating with both Google AND people. Write in a communicable language that gives readers an idea of what the page is about. You should also be sure not to exceed a length of 160 characters for each description.
  6. If the description includes the region in which your company operates, you are only going to improve your search engine optimization results.
  7. Including special characters in your descriptions will improve the overall clickability of the link that it pertains to. For example: ➤ If you need one of the best web design companies in Philadelphia, Denver, or Austin, look no further than Direct Line Development. With the help of our amazing web design agency, we will bring you to the top!
  8. On each page you must be sure to register keywords in the meta tags. While many people say that that this is not important and Google does not take it into account, this is simply not the case.
  9. The main title of each page must be marked with H1 tags and there should only be one per page.
  10. The title of the H1 tag must be different from the Title itself and it should contain the target keyword for the page.
  11. As with EVERYTHING, your H1 header should be entirely unique with no duplicates of it on the site. As a rule, the more duplicates you have, the lower your rank.

Using the main keyword in the Title and H1

  1. Pictures can also be used to boost search engine optimization results. When posting pictures, each one must contain an Alt tag with a description of the image that contains the target keyword for that particular page.
  2. If you thought that pictures didn’t have to be unique, think again. Each image on your site must be unique or altered to be unique so that Google categorizes it as such. Fact.
  3. To get the most out of the use of images on your website, use several photos instead of one and allow the user to scroll seamlessly through them. Not only do you have more images that you can optimize, but you improve the overall user experience by using this technique.
  4. When planning on the text for a target promotion page, the main keyword must occur within the first paragraph on the page.
  5. On a promotion page, you must have 2-3 H2 headers containing queries that are nested within the main query. For example: key query - web development, additional words web development companies, web development services.
  6. We highly recommend that you make at least one bulleted list that contains a keyword that you intend to promote. However, keep in mind that this list should contain no more 10 bullet points.
  7. We also highly recommend that you single out a single sentence or phrase on each page that contains the keyword you are promoting by making the font bold. That is, make it <strong>.
  8. It is extremely undesirable to have broken links on your site.
  9. You must continuously be updated and growing your website. This can be done by simply adding at least one new page to the site every 2-3 months. Consistent activity shows Google and your users that you are living company that is constantly adapting, changing, and developing. For the best SEO results, however, adding 2-3 pages per week is the optimal amount. The easiest way to do this is by adding a “Blog” section to your website.
  10. Older pages on your site must be updated at least once every six months in order to show Google they are still relevant!

  11. Social networks are an absolute must. Your website should have a page in all of them, and don’t forget about Google+!

Social networks are one of the most effective tools in the SEO

  1. Your company should ensure that cross-hosting appears on your site in all social networks.
  2. Once your business has a page on all the necessary social networks, links to these networks should be placed on the website itself.
  3. To get the most out of SEO, incorporate Google Analytics into your site so that you able to analyze the traffic influx brought to your site.
  4. The location services that Google offers to its users can be highly effective to your business and bring you to the top of all internet traffic in your region. To take advantage of this, register your company in Google Business with a verified address. This will further bind your company name to the region in which you operate.

Google business help your customers to trust you more and find quickly

  1. Speaking of registering your site, don’t forget to do the same with Google Webmaster.
  2. Your website must contain a robots.txt file with all the information properly filled out.
  3. Your website should have a sitemap.xml in which all the internal links of your site should be present.
  4. If you make changes to your website, the date of each change made should be cataloged in the sitemap.xml.
  5. If you want Google to quickly update and integrate new information posted on your site, it is helpful to also post links to that information in popular groups on Facebook or Twitter.
  6. Your website should work in https protocol. If not, call us ASAP.

  7. If you decide that it is time for your site be overhauled and completed renovated, you must make use of 301 redirects so that all of the links that you presently have on the internet before the remake are not lost and gone to waste.

  8. After you’ve purchased an ideal domain name, we recommend that you extend your ownership of it for the maximum number of years so that you avoid any legal discrepancies.

  9. The success or failure of SEO also depends on the behavior of your users. If you find that certain pages have a higher bounce rate than others when analyzing them through Google Analytics, it is necessary that you seek to find the cause of the bouncing and fix it immediately.

  10. Monitor your page rank on Moz Domain Authority and Page Rank and try to make adjustments that improve that rank.

  11. External linkage is highly important and having a set strategy will only benefit your site. If your site features links to other prominent names or respected brands in your region or industry, you will notice an improvement in credibility and rank. There are many set link building strategies for you to get started with

  12. As it pertains to the above-mentioned point, do not overdo it with the links. If you simply post a cluster of links from garbage sites, Google will banish you. Be smart when dealing with Google. Material by SEOWhat is SEO?What is SEO?How To Do SEO For Your Own Website Part 3: Content Is Most ImportantHow To Do SEO For Your Own Website Part 3: Content Is Most Important

  13. Most of the links that you reference should also contain the keyword that you are promoting.

  14. All outbound links from your site should be finished with a NoFollow tag so that the “weight” of the site does not leak.

  15. While the number of external links on your site is indeed important, it is even more important that these links feature different domain names rather than multiple links from the same domain.

  16. If you are a young site/ company and are not linked to in many other sites, register your site in all social networks, videohosting sites, photohosting sites, job sites, local directories, etc., and you will gain much more attention from Google’s robots.

  17. Always remember that the age of your domain will affect how well your site is promoted.

  18. The age of a page will affect its overall susceptibility for organic promotion.

  19. Internet users love to read real feedback. Make sure that the ability for users to comment and review your services and products is available wherever possible. This not only will help with your credibility, but extra chatter about your company on sites like Google Business and Yelp will contribute to the overall popularity of your website in search engines.

  20. You should compare your website or page that you intend to promote with that of its equal on your competitors’ sites in the SerpA in the top 10 on Google. Your main goal is to be above them for all relevant keywords and phrases.

  21. There are a plethora of systems, such as SE Ranking, which allow you to locate and aggregate all the links of your competitors’ sites. You can use this information in order to better organize and adapt your own site to appear higher than your competitors in Googles results.

Se Ranking is an excellent helper in SEO promotion

  1. Sometimes you may find that for a particular word or phrase, your site simply won’t rise in rank. Remember that Google sometimes takes time to work its magic for you. Have patience!
  2. Site speed is important for a multitude of reasons. You can check the speed of your own website through a special tool offered by Google itself. Recently, Google changed the functionality of this service, but the old version can still be found through Google PageSpeed Insights.

Excellent page speed of Direct Line Development website

  1. YOUR WEBSITE MUST BE RESPONSIVE. If it is not, you will automatically decrease in position from the top results on smartphones, on which more than 50% of all internet browsing occurs. That figure will only continue to grow.

Direct Line Development website is responsive and adaptive


We hope that all of these tips and tricks were helpful and enlightening. If you feel as though we missed a particular technique, please don’t hesitate to write it in the comments below. Similarly, if you are optimizing your own website and find yourself stuck at a particular position or ranking, give us a call and we will be happy to run a free audit of your website!

The article was updated on January 9, 2018.

Alex Kudimov
Alex Kudimov


Purple Leaf Marketing

Great useful tips that need to be considered while optimizing website for better ranking. Thanks for sharing such useful information.

Great article in the sense that all of the little factors are the ones that build everything up in Google's eyes. What really catches me are the parts about external links. I find that people have the most questions on this subject and this article helps to point me in the right direction.

A company that can share their insight and experience is something you can't find these days. Thank you for contributing to my daily knowledge!

Most people have no idea how much goes into great SEO that actually converts on keywords that matter and drive traffic - great points in this article.

Re: Nesting (#5), is there a limit someone should try to stick to for a number of subcategories or is it ok to just keep going to get more and more specific with subsections/subcategories?

Had me at hello... "SEO is NOT a flip of a switch strategy that just happens." Important distinction for any business owner looking into an SEO strategy.

What an interesting read. I didn't realize how much you can learn from your competition and that SEO is so much work

Before reading this article, I did not think of how much work actually takes place in SEO. The topic is more detailed than many people think, and I think this article captures that and explains it well! I feel as though many people want their websites mobile responsive only to keep up to the latest trends, not realizing that it can indeed impact your SEO as well!

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