We Are Looking For New Team Members

We Are Looking For New Team Members

We are now looking for native speakers of English with strong interests in Russian language and culture and young and talented individuals to help grow and build our company. 

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The second version of poster with Direct Line Development job advertisement

If you are native speaker of English with strong interests in Russian language and culture, then with Direct Line Development you can:

  • Speak Russian on a daily basis with our staff here in the US as well as our employees back in Russia
  • Gain a thorough understanding of Russian business conduct and relations
  • Help to bridge a cultural gap between East and West
  • Work to grow a budding company from its early stages, becoming a valuable member of a dedicated team
  • Work with like-minded young people who want to make a difference
  • Travel abroad to Russia for business and cultural excursions

The third version of poster with Direct Line Development job advertisement

If you are young and talented individual with strong desire to help grow and build our company, then Direct Line Development you can:

  •  Become a professional in B2B relations and lead the company on various marketing campaigns
  • Explore and gain experience in the world of international business and cross-cultural sensitivity
  • Exploit your knowledge of market trends and business development by helping to internally grow and expand our company throughout the United States
  • Employ your creative and analytical thinking skills in meetings all over the city
  • Become a leading force in Direct Line Development as the company becomes even more established in its American pursuits

To find out more information on how to schedule an interview with Direct Line Development, contact Scott Bridgehouse at bridgehouse@directlinedev.com or (717) 419-4495 (cell) (267) 626-2554 (office).


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