Web design and development for sale of the book "In the Black"

Web design and development for sale of the book "In the Black"

Steve Giroux is the founder and owner of two successful small businesses. Introduced to entrepreneurship at the age of thirteen Steve later went on to study business at Bentley University where he achieved his Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy in 1999. Also in 1999 Steve founded his first small business in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. Through hard work, determination, and perseverance Giroux has crossed the finish line of success many times over throughout his journey of self-employment and now he’s giving bac and sharing a treasure chest of information gleaned from more than seventeen years of working in the trenches…

Material by Our worksWeb design and development for a law firm Nahrgang & AssociatesWeb design and development for a law firm Nahrgang & Associates Steve has turned to our company Direct Line Development for a responsive website to help sell his book "In the Black". The book details every aspect that is key to being successful in business. Filled with real-life examples, this guide shares Giroux’s journey of self-employment, and the failures as well as the successes of working for yourself. He offers a host of advice and tips on a variety of topics. Our task was to create a landing page for selling Steve’s book in various formats.

The process of the website development for Steve Giroux

Process of website development for book "In the black"

So, our team started developing a one-sided site. First of all, we discussed all the details and determined the purpose of the project. In the next stage, we thought over the structure of the future site to make it more comfortable and understandable for visitors. We thought through everything, starting from the number of blocks on the page to the overall responsive web-design. We created some prototypes and sent them to the client for approval. After the client’s corrections, we transferred the approved prototype to our professional designers.

Web design of the landing page for the book "In the Black"

After the prototype was transferred to our designers, our specialists started designing the page. We split all of the information into 4 sliders. Every slider could easily adapt to any screen resolution. The client decided to use platinum colors, as they were in the logo - black, white and metallic blue. Our website design came  out refined, minimalistic, and in three simple colours. Also, the client wished to see his favorite font type  - Haettenschweiler (narrow, compact and inclined font type without serifs). We selected the best combination of fonts to satisfy the client’s demands. We also decided to make the title of the book italicized and without quotes. As for the lack of information on the site we made up our minds to add an animation to every block: to give a flowing appearance of all the content. Every variant was highlighted as you move the mouse cursor over it.

Page about Steve Giroux and his bookShort description about bookWeb design help to show all options of saleOur web development give you a chance to give evaluation for this book

Frontend Development for Steve Giroux

After the client had approved the layout, our specialists began coding the page. Frontend development was perfect, and the page coding was responsive. We installed a simple content management system (CMS) for easy content changing by the client on his own. As a result we got an interesting and nice website divided into four blocks. This structure made it easier to read the information and get used to the interface. Thought-out interface, responsive design, interesting layouts - we have done our best to make the visitors feel satisfied and comfortable while using the site.

Web development process for sale of the book "In the black"

Let’s look at advantages of our website

Animated picture to show web design and development process

  • Responsive web design
  • Easy-to-use content management system
  • Unique and stylish design
  • Simple and memorable site with a comfortable e-commerce platform.

And all these pros are at an affordable cost. Don’t miss the chance to optimize your site and promote your firm in the best way possible!


this was a great project with a great client. He was so happy with the results, that he has referred us out to others within his network!

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