Online marketing in Web Development

Online marketing in Web Development

Online marketing in Web Development

Today, you can find a web developer everywhere you turn; the primary element is only lost between the pile of briefs, RS, and reference design - the reason you need a website in the first place.

When talking about the goals of a site, there are two main categories: 

  • a website for lead generation 
  • a website for building an image and legitimacy 

Website online marketing in web development

If an image-building site is created to enhance relations between brand and potential buyer, then a site for lead generation should fulfill one marketing goal - to give you lead (an application or request for service). Will it be just the contact information of a potential buyer or a call? - it does not matter. What is more important is to make a site that clients feel comfortable logging their data into or performing an action - calling, giving you their phone number, or coming into your office. There is tiny likelihood that a client will do all of this on their own without having to guide them in the right direction. Although the task to target a customer on the right track is essential for you, it is more often than not, a huge marketing problem. Both the client and the performer have to care with this. There are several ways to achieve this goal, but we should start with analytics. 

Custom web development for comfortable using

Web Development | Analytics of traffic source and its life cycle

According to a research of Direct Line Development Inc., only 17% of companies monitor the source of traffic arrival, and if the same advertising was on the radio or television, then only 30% of respondents would refer to this source. At first, when we received data through these channels, we thought, “Is it possible that advertising on radio and television simply does not work?" We had to undertake a revised version of the survey, which showed that, in most cases, radio and television are the first points of contact with a potential buyer. However, leads come from other sources. Shedding light on such sequences is the primary task of any marketing specialist. 

However, if you represent your company on the Internet, then it is here, in most cases, where it is possible to trace a path of a particular buyer. According to the research of Direct Line Development, 86% of cases of potential customer contact with a company is made of a single device, which means that it is enough to use the device for the primary tracking - cookies in the browser. Thus, it is possible to track the full path of a client - from their first visit to a site and to their leaving of an application for service or purchase.  Material by Web Design and DevelopmentWhat is a Website’s Cost?What is a Website’s Cost?

More often apart from the application form, there is a phone number, links to social networks, and e-mail on a website. Thus, when your manager receives a request by phone, he may miss the question “How did you find out about us?”, thereby he could accidently distort the statistics of the channel of lead generation – the website. After this, some new notes may appear – “the site, which you currently own, does not result in new clients, so it does not fulfill its purpose.” 

There are three solutions to this problem:

  • do not put telephone number of the company on the website
  • ask for the lead source during the phone call
  • use a particular number for each lead generation channel

A third method brings significant processing automation to your company, allowing you to know exactly how many people visited your site, how many of them called, how many became clients, and how many became clients again. It is of paramount importance to take and record these factors, as they can identify significant problems at each stage. 

Benefits of online marketing in web development

Problems of Web Development process that can be defined in the analysis of conversion

For example, 1000 people visited your website, 40 of them filled out a form, and only two of them became clients. All of this points to the fact that it's more likely that 30 leads were refined and converted to customers incorrectly. Roughly speaking, site conversion is 4%, and manager conversion is 5%. The average website conversion fluctuates from 4 to 40%, and manager conversion approaches 80%. Conclusion: your manager or sales person are poorly working off incoming leads, and your website is generating them badly. 

For your site to better create clients, you must continually conduct operations on the web development – split-testing, embed blocks, change the structure of pages, embed landing pages. It is not easy, but this is critical work. Indeed it is quite expensive to keep the downstream traffic on a high level, and if you don’t do it, you will just spend waste your advertising budget.

Direct Line Development can regularly assist with updating and improving your site in the Denver, Philadelphia, or Austin areas. Leading to an overall increase of customer conversion your business generates and in all the aspects and nuances of Web Development. We will also help audit your business processes to find weak and inefficient units. Moreover, we will help you to embed a CRM to track and analyze your relations with clients. This is a complicated process, but in current conditions, it is better to invest one time in this than to allocate funds to advertising budgets that grow regularly. 

Use your tools more effectively with the Direct Line Development!


This is a great article that articulates the importance of constantly adapting your strategies to meet your client needs.
Remember it is not about you and your company, but all about your clients and your visitors. Everything needs to be structured to speak to them and their needs.

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