Website for The Belles Group is Launched

Website for The Belles Group is Launched

Recently we have written about the developing of the website for Intellectual Properety Firm "The Belles Group Intellectual Property Portfolio Development & Transactional Specialists". Let’s look at this website:

One of the features of the website is module “Professional Profiles”.

The main page Design for Intellectual Property Firm

The benefits from the creation of this module:

  • The company shows its employees with the favorable angle.
  • The company shows site visitors that it has a large and qualified team
  • The loyalty among employees increases, since all are pleased to see their photos on the website

One of the features of the website is module “Professional Profiles”

In the "Professional Profiles", all employees are presented with photos, names, titles, and also separate pages for each employee. All of these can be controlled from a user-friendly CMS, namely:

  • The addition of new employees to the page
  • Edition of the Officers Profile (photo, text, etc.)
  • Binding profiles of social networks
  • Adding the contact information

Website Design for mobile version

If your aim is to modernize the website so that when clients look at the site, there is a level of legitimacy, Direct Line can help you with this.

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