Website design for Intellectual Property Firm: highlight key points

Website design for Intellectual Property Firm: highlight key points

Probably no one would deny that the correct design of the home page plays a key role in its success, because, in fact, the Internet page - this is the information provided to the user in a convenient and accessible way.

According to statistics, the user of the site is primarily looking at its layout, and only then pay attention to the content. At this point, the user should immediately understand the specifics and the main key points of your website and your business in general.

This fact was key in developing a website for Intellectual Property Firm “The Belles Group Intellectual Property Portfolio Development & Transactional Specialists”. It was necessary to highlight the main points such as Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets. That's why they were brought to the first screen of the website in the form of a slider, and have been duplicated below with a basic information about the data services of the company. This principle of design of the home page as much as possible focuses the user on the main activities of the company.

Website Design and Development

Also, this design takes into account the basic requirements of optimizing your site for search engines. And Direct Line can help you with this.

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