Website Development for Global Conservation

Website Development for Global Conservation

Developing a Website for Global Conservation

We have started developing a website for a company that is focused exclusively on assisting endangered world heritage and national parks in developing countries to preserve their last remaining forests and wildlife populations. We had two versions of the home page design that we crafted to be approved by the client.

This is the first version:

Website Development for Global Conservation - home page design 1 version

And here is the second one:

Website Development for Global Conservation - home page design 2 version

Now, when the decision on the design of the main page was accepted and we began to develop the internal pages. We paid special attention to creating the illustrations for the site. Here are two of them!

Website Development - illustrations for the internal pages of the website, img 1Website Development - Illustrations for the internal pages of the website, img 2

During the internal pages development for the website "Global Conservation", the main idea of the whole design was to demonstrate the main goal of the company: Save the new wild. Here are some of the internal pages:

Website Development and Design for Global Conservation

Unique Illustrations in Web Development

Why are unique illustrations, so important for a website?

Filling the site with visual content is a very important component in the creation of a high-quality Internet project. Infographics translate all of the information in a clear and concise manner and people tend to perceive it better than text. Often or not, a visitor will tend to not even read a long text description of a company, but after taking a look at an illustration one can fully understand the company. Therefore, illustrations on an Internet resource have significant importance. Unique illustrations are perfectly indexed by search engines, which helps to improve the trustworthiness of a website. Material by Our worksWeb design and development for a law firm Nahrgang & AssociatesWeb design and development for a law firm Nahrgang & Associates

The value of unique illustrations on a website:

  • Increasing the information content of the page
  • Highlighting the key differences from your site and the sites of your competitors
  • Considered a Unique approach

As a result, you get:

  • High-quality unique images corresponding to the terms of reference.
  • Improving positions in search engines due to unique content.
  • Attracting new members.
  • Maintaining the relevance of the site.
  • Improving the image of the company by modern design.

The process of creating illustrations takes a lot of time. Finding the perfect mix of information, content, and visual solutions, in the end, leads to one of the most effective tools of the website.

Website Development - Illustrations for the internal pages of the website, img 3Website Development - Illustrations for the internal pages of the website, img 4Website Development - Illustrations for the internal pages of the website, img 5

Drawing pictures, creating drawings and illustrations - all of this will add value to your website and make it feel authentic. And Direct Line can help you with this vision.

Call our managers today, tell them how you came across our site and get a discount!


The website design looks very unique, but most importantly it is very interactive and engaging which is especially important considering what this organization does.

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