Website development for Pioneer Small Business

Website development for Pioneer Small Business

Pioneer Small Business Consulting is one of the top business consultants in Philadelphia. The professionals of the agency are always ready to help small business companies with organization, time management and achieving more profitability.

Would you like to know how we develop the websites?

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Let us consider the example of a recent project that we have successfully implemented. We were approached by a client who had a poorly optimized site. It loaded slowly and had disorganized content. The client asked us to create an optimized website to represent his business. The content of the site had to contain all the information about the services our client provided.

The website development process

We analyzed the competitors who operated in the same region where the client’s company was located. Then we invented the concept of the site and created a promotion strategy.

The following step was prototyping. We created 11 pages (1 homepage and 10 content ones). After approval of the prototypes, our team of professional designers developed 2 design concepts that differed both in terms of color scheme and structure:

  • The first version was presented in dark blue colors
  • The second one was in bright yellow colors

The client decided to choose the second design concept. The team of designers started creating layouts of the content pages according to the approved prototypes. Layouts for all pages were made to be properly viewed in different resolutions (mobile, tablet, etc). We also developed the guide and prepared the clipping for developers.

There were several enhancements to the design

Video on the homepage (we allowed the client to choose the videos he liked and combined them into one). An interesting approach with vertical texts and many others.

The web development proceeded smoothly. The created layout was responsive. Besides, the client was given an opportunity to change all the data in our content management system himself.

Search Engine Optimization

During the process we were engaged in preparing for the promotion of the client’s services through SEO, namely:

  • Building a semantic core
  • Working out the basic queries
  • Creating a separate page for the blog
  • We chose mid-frequency queries as they corresponded to the strategy

    We still have a lot of work to do in this direction. This is just the beginning.

    A well-designed interface, responsive website design, interesting layouts – we did our best to make it comfortable for the visitors to be on the site.

    As you can see, pioneer small business’s website has a number of advantages

    • Responsive website
    • Attractive and memorable design (unusual layout)
    • Modern design (of homepage and 10 content pages)
    • Search Engine Optimization

    And all these pros are at affordable cost. Don’t miss the chance to optimize your site and promote your firm in the best way!

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