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What Is A Call To Action On A Website? A Comprehensive Overview

What Is A Call To Action On A Website? A Comprehensive Overview

A web design call to action (CTA) is a statement formulated to receive an immediate response from a person reading or listening to it. If you learn that leads and prospects aren't taking the next step in your sales program—whether it's buying or simply requesting more information—the problem can be a faulty or non-existent call to action. A web development company can help you create the best call-to-action phrases for your websites.

But, what is a call to action on a website? We’ll answer this and much more!

A call to action on a website is employed in business as an essential aspect of a marketing strategy to compel targets to respond by taking action. It's normally used at the end, or occasionally along a sales pitch, to let potential shoppers and customers understand what to do next if they're interested in what you offer. It is quite common to direct people about the next step for doing business with you, but the reality is, that numerous new business owners don't use website call to actions in their marketing and sales strategies.

Missing a call to action button on a website can infer losing targets and money. They are important for supervising a potential customer during the following steps of the sales process. A web design call to action can be a button or hyperlink that demonstrates the next step, the audience must take to buy from a site. Some companies include multiple calls to action on a single page. Website call-to-actions (CTAs) appear in various places on a website; there are various call-to-action website examples of usage. For instance, you could have a CTA in: 

  • Pop-ups and slide-in content
  • Purchase pages or checkout pages
  • Ads 
  • End-of-page for articles or landing pages
  • Side panels
  • Persistent headers

What Is A CTA On a Website & What Are Its Different Forms?

A Call to Action (CTA) on a website is an instruction to the visitor to encourage them to take some kind of action. A Call to Action might be simple instructional text; some call to action button examples are "call us now", "find out more", or "subscribe to our Newsletter

However, there are various web design call-to-action button types that websites and applications mostly use. Also, there is a significant difference between buttons and links. Here is a detailed note of the components and when a website should adopt them.

Text Hyperlink

Also referred to as a link and web link, a hyperlink is an icon, graphic, or text that can be linked to another file or object. As an alternative for a shape with a label, links are plain text with visual signs that designate interactivity. There are a few guidelines as to how links should be styled to best show that it is clickable. You can ask a professional to help create effective text hyperlink CTAs for your websites or search for the best call-to-action phrases.


Wondering what is a call to action button on a website?

These are certain buttons that reassure an action from the user. They naturally have a dense fill and have the highest prominence on the page. Usually, on a marketing site, this button is placed below a paragraph or video presenting the product to encourage conversion. However, in software, these buttons are used for the primary activity for that page, such as the login button. Since web design call-to-action buttons highly emphasize actions, they shouldn’t be placed side-by-side, as it will confuse users as to which is the more important button. You can see various call-to-action button examples, to create the most effective CTAs.

Plain Text with No Link

Plain text web design call to action is without any outline or fill, plus doesn’t include any link. A text web design call to action is different from a link as the clickable area is wider than a link, and the users can still see the button shape in its active state. Designers can also further distinguish these categories with design choices like font size, thickness, emphasizing, and so on. Text buttons should have the lowest emphasis compared to the other buttons.

What are Different Types Of Call To Action?

Brands and marketers can use numerous forms of website calls to action, based on the context and strategy.

Here are some main types of website call to actions normally used on a website:

Lead Generation

First of all, calls to action are essential for creating more leads from a website. As you're attempting to transform visitors into leads using these web design calls to action, it is practical to position them in a spot having a high proportion of new visitors. The most common spot to put these types of website calls to actions is on the blog section, at the end of posts, in the sidebar, and perhaps even as a floating banner in the corner. 

To be effective, these CTAs must be eye-catching, attractive, and efficiently express the importance of clicking on them. Visitors should be aware of exactly what to anticipate once they get to the call to action landing page.

A call to action button example, signifying the proper way of placing a lead generating CTA.

Form Submission

Once the visitors finally reach a landing page, they'll be required to perform two more things before they can be enlisted as a lead: 

  • Fill a form
  • Click on a button to submit information to the contacts database of a website

At this point the visitors are so close to becoming a possible lead, you wouldn’t want them to slip through because of a bland unattractive submit button. Therefore, it's critical to change your "submit" button to something more actionable (an attractive web design call to action) and certain of the marketing offer they will provide their data for.

Example of form submission call to action on a website, containing a form to be filled by customers

"Read More" Button

In any place you display a feed of content -- a blog, customer case study page, or even the press newsroom -- you probably don't want to display the whole post on the home page. Entice your homepage viewers to click on individual posts by featuring the first few paragraphs of your content followed by a "read more" web design call to action.

Besides allowing more content to be featured on your homepage feed, "read more" buttons make sure that your engaging posts receive the stats they deserve. That way, people will have to click through to read any post instead of scrolling down on the homepage, which ensures that the post itself gets credited with its traffic, not the homepage.

Read-more call-to-action button on a website, with partial data leading to full access to the topic

Product or Service Discovery 

Whenever someone is scrolling around a website trying to learn about a company and the things it offers, it’s essential to make it as convenient as possible for them. After all, the products and services keep your business running. The website calls to actions don't have to be vivid images, simple text on a button will be enough, as long as it stands out adequately against the background.

A product discovery call to action on a website, offering information regarding a product or service

Social Sharing

One of the conventional types of a website call to actions is what encourages visitors to share content with their friends and social circle. Social sharing buttons are a low-commitment strategy for visitors, leads, and customers to connect with a brand. So, it’s essential to include them in a spot where it makes sense on a website like blog posts, landing pages, etc. Don’t include them in places where people are providing you with their personal information. The best part about this type of web design call to action is that it is really easy to personalize.

Here's what it can look like:

People share a website through social CTA, therefore one must learn what is a CTA on a website

Event Promotion

In case you are having an event, whether online or in person, it's clear you would need to get as many people to attend.

You can use an event promotion web design call to action to boost awareness regarding the event or even help drive ticket sales. The best aspect about this website call to action is that there are endless spots you can place it, based on the type of audience you're trying to get to attend.

For customers, it’s better to place this on the login page, dashboard, or even on the page, a receipt is usually offered. Conversely, for leads, you can make the web design call to action appear in a blog sidebar. The possibilities for CTA placement are endless.

Here's a simple example of an event web design call to action:

Website call to actions, such as this invite people to join an event initiated by a website.

Closing the Sale

Once all the process of lead generation and lead nurturing is done, you want to move ahead and turn these leads into customers. Such a type of web design call to action will be very sales-focused: as you want to get potential customers ready to buy your product or service at the same moment.

Furthermore, a smart website call to actions can be used at the end of a blog post, but you also might contemplate positioning them on product pages, as potential customers sometimes want to do some more research before taking the plunge.

This is an example of what a sales-focused web design call to action:

A call to action on website compelling leads to investing in the products or services of a website

How To Write A Call To Action on Website?

The ideal call to action is concise, catchy, and attracts visitors to click over to a website.

Here are a few elements to include in your web design call-to-action strategy:

Use Strong Action Words

Associated with employing a command verb to start, you should use powerful action words to modify the copy of your web design call to action. Power words activate a psychological or emotional reaction from the reader.

While a regular website call to action is well understood by readers, a great web design call to action is felt by readers. Power words get the audience a feeling of encouragement compelling them to take action. So rather than writing something like “Take advantage of our offer to improve your sales today,” it’s better to write, “Take advantage of our once-in-a-lifetime offers to shoot up your sales now!”

Small additions of power words like “once-in-a-lifetime,” and “now” will make it a much more accessible call to action. Thoroughly research to find various powerful action words to make your web design call to action more effective.

Most Common PurposeCTAs
EcommerceBuy, Shop, Order, Reserve, Save, Add to Cart, Pick, View
SaaS conversionTry, Get Started, Subscribe, Sign Up
Non-profit ConversionDonate, Commit, Volunteer, Adopt, Give, and Support
Newsletter or CommunitySubscribe, Join, Sign Up, Refer
Freebie GiveawayDownload, Get, Grab, Claim, Take advantage of
GeneralLearn More, See More, See How, Start, Find Out, check it out, click here, Continue, Swipe Up

Evoke Emotion Or Enthusiasm

Professional web design call-to-action service providers can help you craft a good call to action by using influential language. They are well experienced and try using words that will persuade people to follow your direction. Keep your web design call to action copy summarising to generate intrigue and compel your audience to want to learn more or even invest in your products or services. Create a value proposition—create an inducement that will profit people, like saving money or lower rates.

You can use certain language and words to encourage people, plus you can also describe the profits and significance of clicking the call-to-action button on a website.

Here are some call-to-action website examples:

  • Add numbers: “Buy now and get 40% off!”
  • Add adjectives: “Find your job with us!”
  • Make a promise: “Lose weight in only 8 weeks!”

Come Up With Something Of Your Own

Another strategy for generating an effective web design call to action is to use some new information to attract more visitors. You can do so by fostering curiosity and anticipation.

To effectively build curiosity, you can convey the outcome of whatever statement you’re addressing in your content without showing the way to get there. The objective here is to engage your audience with anything (in your web design call to action) they want and get them interested in how they can attain it.

Anticipation is also another web design call-to-action strategy that works ideally for selling products. Once again, you’re selling someone the result that your products or services bring to get them excited for their new change.

Why Are CTAs Important For SEO Strategies?

There are several reasons for preferring CTAs for different types of websites, as the audience expects to be directed towards what to do next (even if they can figure it out on their own). Professional SEO services providers can help you by creating effective website calls to actions for your websites.

Image showing the 5 essentials of SEO for B2B websites among which one is web design call to action

Furthermore, people are curious by nature, and a reasonable website call to actions manages to enhance that feeling of curiosity, encouraging people to go and discover what comes next. Good CTAs also:

Help Audience Avoid Confusion

If you want your audience to move forward and become potential customers, you must direct them regarding what to do by emphasizing the process using impressive design or text. This may not be feasible for all of the prospects, but it will help eradicate confusion for every one of them. If the website visitor finds your offers appealing (via your web design call to action), they will be aware of what precise steps they should take to get what they want—be it a product, service, free book, or the content of a certain article.

Guide Your Readers

Not all website calls to actions are directed to products or services. Naturally, companies want to create authority in front of their potential client, before making an offer they cannot resist. Therefore, it's crucial to include website calls to actions in the content pieces. 

It’s an exceptional way to motivate the reader to read more or analyze similar articles, or to show them the goal of your content. Plus, building some conspiracy and excitement is always good—people are inquiring by nature. Add a contact us call to action button to offer people more information whenever required.

Increase In Sales 

Sometimes, website call to action focuses on gathering an audience, like the ones that stimulate people to subscribe to newsletters or to hit the like or follow button on various platforms. These don’t bring you profit instantly but are still essential for naturally growing your audience. 

And sometimes, website calls to actions are used to guide clients through the buying process. These are the various website call to actions like “buy now” or “submit payment”. You might assume they are unnecessary; however, they do improve the possibilities of people making a purchase after all. When working on SEO, our team comes up with a web design call to action to increase conversion

More Organized Site

An effective call to action on eCommerce sites isn't dispersed erratically all over the website. There are normally only a few and are placed strategically. A properly arranged website call to actions helps a site look more structured and organized overall. They attract visitors' attention to the fundamental details of the website, like the subscription buttons, important products, services, discounts, and so on. 

Therefore, using a website call to actions enables your visitors to locate crucial information quickly, which also improves sales in the long run.

Let DLD Handle Your CTAs And Other SEO Tasks

It's significant to hire an expert company capable of assisting you to create the same type of call-to-action buttons on your website that compels your customers to visit your website. Direct Line Development is one such company. We propose an extensive range of digital marketing services to clients worldwide. Our team will offer appropriate information as well as help you create a competent call-to-action button that will catch the attention of your consumers. So, get in touch with us and see how our result-oriented web design call-to-action strategy works.

FAQ Section

  • What Makes Up a Good CTA?

    Ideal web design call-to-action phrases are brief and employ strong verbs. They are intended to speak directly to the user. Instead of a weaker website call to actions like click here, an operative web design call to action phrase example will use more detailed words that speak straight to the anticipated outcome.

  • What Does Call to Action Mean?

    A web design call to action (CTA) is a marketing term that denotes the next phase a business owner wants its audience to take. The CTA can contain a direct link to the sales or landing pages. The web design call to action can propose that the target subscribes to a newsletter that includes product updates.

  • What Is Call to Action Strategy?

    Having an ideal offer is not enough if the visitor doesn’t know how to react to it. There are some effective web design call-to-action strategies companies can put to use to boost inquiries, customer data capture, and eventually, sales:

    • Have more CTAs
    • Communicate the offers
    • Easy to find CTAs
  • What Is The Best Call To Action Button?

    There is no single best web design call to action, you need to figure out what will keep your viewers/readers hooked and then use that (use your experience to make your judgment).

  • What Is An Example Of A Call To Action?

    The most common web design call to action for local business websites is where they share their contact information or redirect the viewer to the contact page via a hyperlink.

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