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Custom CRM & ERP software development

If you are a business owner and are concerned about your business growth, custom CRM & ERP software development provided by Direct Line Development is the best opportunity to outperform your competition. Learn all the advantages of having such a tool working for your business from this article.

Small business plus a custom CRM & ERP software development fuels growth

What advantages come from custom CRM & ERP software? It is in human nature to desire more than we have, whether you have a good car, or you run your own profitable small business. You want your car faster and more up-to-date or your business bigger and more profitable. There are many ways to reach your goals. If you are a business owner we have great solutions for you. Our company, Direct Line Development from Philadelphia and Denver provides a useful tool to run your business online. If you are interested in continuing your business’ growth; and have decided it is the right time to automate your business processes, and observe sales analysis report, logistics, accountings, etc., this service will help you. We develop custom CRM and ERP software specific for our customers’ needs. These systems will help you present events and your best prices to your prospects and clients and collect information about them through easy-to-use system dashboard. There are a lot of potential solutions out there, but are any tailored to the specific needs of your business?

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What is CRM & ERP software?

Here what custom CRM & ERP software is and how it works online. CRM stands for Client Relationship Management and it is a cloud-based system made to help manage your company’s communication with your current customers and prospects,  bringing it to new and more efficient level. Put simply, this is a large database that keeps all the information about your clients. Its main function is to improve interaction within sales and marketing departments and help you increase your sales, focusing on your customers. Meanwhile, ERP or Enterprise Resources Planning is designed for and focused on integration of the core business functions of your company. In the simplest terms this application deals with invoices, inventory, product prices, etc. and its main purpose to lift interdepartmental work and streamline your expenses.

We can see that these two different systems have similar goals, which is to provide effective growth for your business and make it more functional and customer-friendly and as a complex tool it will help you stand out from your competitions.

Main advantages of CRM & ERP softwares:

  • Unified data
  • Incorporation in corporate data environment
  • Easy online access
  • Better interdepartmental communication
  • Analytics of all needed information
  • Opportunities to refine and improve functions

Where can custom CRM & ERP softwares be applied?

It is not a secret that these CRM & ERP softwares have been used for many years and making them better is an ongoing process. You might have received calls or messages about discounts and events from a cafe you are regular customer to, or a store nearby you often shop. That’s how these systems works. Different spheres of business use it as a marketing and sales tool. The advantages of usage are quite obvious. We will provide some examples below to illustrate its functionality and capacity:

BussinesWhat function can be used.
Heating and cooling servicesWhile in the field your employee using Ipad or tablet with updated prices can check what your customer need to fix or buy and how much it will be.
Entertainment or Fitness services

Electronic registration makes everything easy for a customer and for your business. As soon as the customer chose a date he wanted to come, administration and all stuff with needed access can see it right away.

Health serviceIf you work with older people, they can use a medical alert button to get urgent medical care. This service will help the closest ambulance to those who need it.
Banking and finance, insurance agenciesThese are big business with thousands of clients that hard to handle right without fast cooperation between different departments. For these businesses it is handy to have quick data access.

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