Denver is the city where we work

Named one of Top 10 best cities to live in by U.S. News, Denver attracts tourists and millenial job seekers from all over the world. Denver is a dynamic and modern city. Web design and development firms are challenged to provide for the growing number of tech and other startup businesses that need to stay competitive in their markets.


The city was originally formed during the Gold Rush of the late 1800s. In order to ship precious metals, the officials needed to build a rail transportation system. Its central location allowed the city's industries to supply goods to surrounding states, such as Kansas and Wyoming, among others. Denver Union Station, which opened its doors in 1881, underwent multiple renovations and now serves as a mixed-use space for shops and restaurants.

Denver’s museums, monuments and hotels are of great historical importance to the state. Some of the prominent state monuments and museums introduce visitors to Colorado history and Native American heritage. Southern Ute Indian Reservation offers art, music and dance events to the public.

Downtown in Denver, ColoradoNight picture of the Denver Union StationDenver International Airport at night

Since the 1960s, Denver became a prominent metropolis in the West and kept its economy stable by developing its oil-gas industries and tourism. The population was booming after 1980s and numerous skyscrapers have been built downtown and surrounding areas of the city. After the gold rush, agricultural development took place and opened opportunities for farmers to expand their operations.

In 1995, mayor Frederico Peña helped in opening a Denver International Airport (DIA), one of the most advanced airports in the nation, bringing more visitors to downtown and surrounding touristic locations.


The city of Denver is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the most popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The location close to the mountains is not only attracting tourists, but also oil and gas energy companies. Denver is 30 minutes away from the Denver International Airport (DIA) and is surrounded by various cities, such as Westminster, Arvada, Thornton, Lakewood and other booming cities and suburbs of Colorado.

Gondola riding in Denver's mountains

The LoDo district (Lower Downtown) offers restaurants, galleries, offices and shops in renovated Victorian buildings. Denver breweries, pubs, and restaurants bring large crowds of people to enjoy city nightlife.

The climate in Denver is stable, with more than 300 sunny days a year and low precipitation. With mild winters and sunny days, no wonder people who discover the city decide to stay.

Economic Development

The state of Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the country. With its parks, forests and high elevation in the mountains, its tourism makes up a large part of its economy, especially Colorado ski resorts that are mostly located in the High Rockies.

With legalization of recreational marijuana since 2012, the influx of visitors significantly increased and a number of local dispensary businesses grows every month.

A variety of industries comprise Denver’s economy, but the largest ones remains to be those in Energy as well as in Professional, Business and Tech services. Web development companies, such as Direct Line Development, are in high demand for the growing economic development that has been taking place in Denver since new and existing businesses desire better online presence. Healthcare and Social Assistance industries also grow in numbers.

Due to economic development and growth of the city, real estate became more expensive. However, affordable rent and lease go a long way for those moving to suburbs, but still being able to get to the city - thanks to a good transportation system it offers.

Denver Value to Colorado

The city of Denver is known for its modern downtown, where the 16th Street Mall - the biggest shopping mall in the area is located. It is also a home to Coors Field where Colorado Rockies baseball team plays. Denver NFL football team, Broncos, plays at the Invesco Stadium at Mile High, which sold out every home game since opening in 2001. The stadium also holds concerts and other sport events throughout the year.  Denver is in the top 20 most educated populations in the US. The city is a home to University of Colorado Denver, University of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, among other colleges and universities.

16th Street Mall in Denver


Denver has a diverse population. Hispanic population comprises more than a quarter of the whole city population. The city offers many programs for immigrants and people of various cultural backgrounds.

Famous picture mural by Leo Tanguma

Arts and Culture

Colorado offers a great variety of music venues to accomodate for any genre, including bluegrass, jazz and folk. In the summer, music festivals and concerts take place at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Fillmore Auditorium, Ogden Theatre and many more. 

Denver Art Museum is one of the largest museums in the West and won awards for its unique steel design. The museum carries a large collection of ancient arts as well modern and contemporary works of different mediums. It is well known for its extensive collection of American Indian Art.

The Denver Art Museum (DAM)

For those moving from the East or West Coasts, Denver wouldn’t disappoint in offering world cuisines to explore something new.